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The Sky Is Falling! Giants Fans React to 0-2 Start

The mood isn’t optimistic

How do fans feel about their 0-2 New York Giants after Monday’s 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions? Well, not good. That’s for sure.

Here are a couple of comments from Kevin’s game recap:

Nothing good to say about this team or this game

Or this season. Six wins tops.

Posted by TruBluYanksToo

We have scored 1 more point then the 49ers this year and less then the, bears, jags, jets, colts. We suck!

Posted by manny_giants

Same crap different season

Posted by Giantstep

Our friends on Twitter also did not disappoint.

Here is Dan Berkman’s Facebook post-mortem. Click here if the video doesn’t show up.

Big Blue Post-Mortem. I answer some of your questions and talk about what went so wrong

Dikirim oleh Big Blue View pada 10 September 2017

We will be analyzing the game in a number of ways, so be sure to keep coming back. If, of course, you can stand to keep reading bad news. Which I hope you can at this point, because that is pretty much all there is. See all of our coverage on our Giants-Lions Hub Page. By the way, if you want to join the Twitter conversation, leave a comment @bigblueview.