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New York Giants News, 9/15: Ben McAdoo Defends Calling Offensive Plays

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Every time the New York Giants struggle on offense, which they generally have most of the time since Ben McAdoo became head coach, you hear the “McAdoo needs to give up the play-calling” refrain. The head coach disagrees, and said so again on Thursday.

“I mean, the communication is really the same. The difference is you take a third wheel out of the game, management part of things. So, that’s really the case,” McAdoo said. “I have a chance to manage the game and call the plays on offense, I think that’s easier than adding a third [part] to the wheel.”

Personally, I’m going to wait a bit before outright calling for that. Others aren’t being so patient.

McAdoo must delegate play calling if Giants don’t pick it up | New York Post
The time might come when Ben McAdoo, through his own volition or the not-so-gentle nudging of someone in the Giants front office, realizes there is no recourse...

Ben McAdoo should consider giving up Giants' play-calling duties - NY Daily News
Ben McAdoo's offense has transitioned into Ben McAcan't's offense.

Giants Prep For Matthew Stafford

What challenges does Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford present?

“He’s definitely someone who can – he doesn’t get a lot of credit for being a quarterback who can move in the pocket and extend plays and I think that’s one of the things that he does best. He takes advantage of matchups. He can make a variety of throws, all the throws from a variety of different body positions,” McAdoo said. “So, he’s very accurate that way. He doesn’t have to be in a clean pocket because he can get out and he can create.”

Defensive end Oliver Vernon also talked about Stafford’s ability to make plays on the move.

“His ability to make plays downfield and him using his legs, being very mobile, and his awareness game. You saw a lot of it during the film study today and he’s able to make plays on the ball,” Vernon said. “Then, he has great receivers that can make plays as well. They have some nice shifty running backs.”

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