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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Giants Take Steep Tumble

Giants fall to middle of the pack

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants’ awful 19-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys has caused them to tumble in NFL Power Rankings for Week 2. After being No. 9 in our aggregated rankings a week ago, the Giants are now No. 16 overall.

Yahoo Sports (No. 14)

It sure doesn’t look like Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram can save the Giants’ offense. Odell Beckham’s eventual return won’t fix everything either. I don’t like to overreact to anything in Week 1, which you’ll notice at different spots in these rankings. But it seems like the Giants offense is legitimately awful.

CBS Sports (No. 17)

That offense was putrid against the Cowboys. They need to get Odell Beckham, Jr., healthy in the worst way. (No. 13)

The Giants' defense couldn't get off the field during the first half against Dallas on Sunday night -- and the offense made up for it by not staying on the field. The Cowboys ran 47 offensive plays in the opening half, meaning that Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks and Harry Carson would've looked mortal, too. Make no mistake, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's unit is a top-five group. Yet, with first-teamers playing so little in the preseason these days ... you get the point. Blame Odell Beckham Jr.'s bum ankle as much as possible, but he isn't playing guard or tackle. Eli Manning and the other 10 guys on that side of the ball stunk.

USA Today (No. 18)

If an offense with this many offensive weapons is that dependent on Odell Beckham Jr., then this evidently isn't a very good football team.

ESPN (No. 17)

The Giants scored three points without Odell Beckham Jr. in their season-opening loss to the Cowboys. Possible overreaction: How much better will the offense be, even with Beckham? The running game generated 35 yards on 12 tries in Week 1 and there's still no clear No. 1 running back.