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New York Giants News, 9/12: Open Season On Jerry Reese, Ben McAdoo

Headlines are not kind to Giants’ decision-makers

NFL: New York Jets at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After the carnage of the New York Giants’ 3-point stinker on Sunday night, it’s blood-in-the-water time for New York football writers. It’s open season on the decisions by coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese that led to the season-opening debacle.

McAdoo must improve calling plays for Giants offense to succeed - NY Daily News

Still, so much of McAdoo’s game plan deserves to be questioned — like why didn’t Orleans Darkwa (three carries, eight snaps, 14 yards) carry the ball more after a 12-yard rip on his first touch? Or why wasn’t McAdoo calling more plays for Marshall to be the No. 1 option if Manning didn’t have the time to get to his second and third reads, especially with Beckham out?

“We certainly want Brandon to get a touch earlier than he got a touch,” McAdoo admitted of Marshall, who came close to his first no-catch game since his 2006 rookie year with Denver. “There were just breakdowns across the board. It wasn’t one group or one position or one player or whatever the case may be. There was enough spread around.”

What is most discouraging, though, is the regression of McAdoo’s offense overall: 380 points in his first season as coordinator in 2014, 420 in 2015, and then a staggering 310 last season. Now comes this three-point dud, the Giants’ seventh straight game with fewer than 20 points going back to last year.

Giants’ latest offensive dud a link in a broken chain | Newsday

The Giants had eight months to fix their offense in the time between their final game of the 2016 season and Sunday night’s loss to the Cowboys. They did not. All the offseason moves, meetings and practices, and the game-planning that went into the season opener, produced three measly points. ...

That the performance came on opening night did little to diminish its significance. It’s not so much the one in the 0-1 record that stands out. Every NFL team since 1973 has had at least one loss. Nobody’s perfect. Not in today’s league.

It’s more the zero. The nothing to show. The immediate and overwhelming lack of anything gained from all of that time and effort pointing toward a date and opponent that was circled on the calendar back in April.

Jerry Reese wasting Giants’ window by not fixing offensive line - NY Daily News

Jerry Reese committed football malpractice by potentially sabotaging the Giants’ season and must be held accountable.

How could he make no meaningful additions to the beleaguered offensive line following last season’s struggles? The same five starters were back in there Sunday night against the Cowboys getting Eli Manning constantly harassed by a no-name defensive line, opening no holes for the running game and exposing Reese for his lack of action.

It’s only one game, but it’s a continuation of the O-line follies from the last few years. If this ruins the Giants season, it’s a fireable offense for Reese. If the line doesn’t get it together, Reese will have wasted one of the final seasons of Manning’s career when the rest of the team is good enough to win big now.


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