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Giants Injury Update: OT Bobby Hart “Has An Ankle”

Here we go again trying to figure out what that means

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The status quo on the New York Giants’ beleaguered offensive line might be about to be interrupted. Not, however, because the Giants have decided that changes are in order. Rather, because starting right tackle Bobby Hart “has an ankle” and coach Ben McAdoo is uncertain right now of Hart’s status for next Monday’s game against the Detroit Lions.

“It’s still early,” McAdoo said during a conference call with reporters on Monday evening.

“We’re confident in the guys that we have and we’re confident in our depth and if we feel that we need to make a change there, we’ll make a change.”

The Giants’ options if Hart were unable to play next Monday would be D.J. Fluker, who they have said they are more comfortable using at guard, or rookie Chad Wheeler.

The only other injury of note is that McAdoo said cornerback Janoris Jenkins “may have gotten nicked up there with a hand injury.”

Here are more takeaways from McAdoo’s remarks.

On what he saw when he watched film of the poor offensive performance ...

“There were just breakdowns across the board. It wasn’t one group or one position or one player or whatever the case may be. There was enough spread around.”

On why the only catch Brandon Marshall had was in the closing seconds ...

“I think it was a product of a lot of things. There may have been times where you’re trying to get him the ball, but couldn’t get it to him for one reason or another. It could’ve been where he was lined up in the progression, based on the coverage we were seeing. It’s not just one factor, you can’t just point to one thing. It was a variety of things. We certainly want Brandon to get a touch earlier than he got a touch.”

On why the Giants, who averaged just 4.8 yards per passing play, were unable to get the ball down field ...

“They got a lead. It turned into a bunch of line stunts up front. ... They were playing soft zone in the back end.”