5 Less than Stellar Stats from Sunday Night

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
  • Out of the 5 interior rushes on first down (26% of first downs), none broke 3 yards and the average for these plays was 1.2 YPC.
  • There were 7 third down plays that had 4 or fewer yards to go. Only 1 of these plays was a running play and it was converted. Only one of these was a throw to a TE and it was converted. Out of the other 5 to WRs, only 1 resulted in a completion.
  • Only 7 offensive plays went for more than 6 yards (13% of plays). Those 7 plays accounted for 39% of the total offense.
  • The average offensive play when removing Engram's 31 yard reception was 2.8 yards.
  • There were 8 failed third down conversions. 1 was a sack. Out of the remaining 7, all were throws and on 6 of those throws the targeted receiver had not reached the 3rd down marker.

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