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Big Blue View Mailbag: Safety Competition, Shane Vereen’s Role, More

Let’s answer this week’s questions

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The New York Giants are off Sunday, one day after a padded practice that lasted more than two hours. With that in mind, let’s open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what pops out.

Michael Patrick Conlan asks: What are the prospects that Pinkins beats out Berhe for the 4th safety spot? I would think Berhe is too much of a health risk even if he makes it through camp. Pinkins is versatile and can play both LB and ST.

Ed says: I think there is certainly a chance Eric Pinkins beat out Nat Berhe, or even earns a spot as an extra safety along with Nat Berhe. That said, Berhe has played very well in camp thus far. Pinkins? He’s only been noticed when he’s been getting involved in scuffles with teammates, like when Janoris Jenkins took a swing at him. One more thing — don’t forget that when healthy Berhe has been a critical member of the special teams coverage units, and he’s been functioning as the personal protector for Brad Wing during camp.

Dave Rosenbluth asks: What is the deal with Vereen and can the team count on him at all this year.

Ed says: Shane Vereen missed a few practices with what coach Ben McAdoo only said was a “lower leg” injury. He returned to practice Friday. There is no reason to think Vereen won’t be a major contributor for the Giants on offense this season.

William Ridley asks: I read Odighizuwa is back. Any info on how he is doing both on and off the field?

Ed says: Yes, third-year defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa has been a full participant in training camp after skipping OTAs for personal reasons. He hasn’t done a whole lot to make himself noticed during practices. The Giants have been protective of Odighizuwa’s privacy, and he has not spoken to the media during training camp.

John McGruther asks: Did any current Giants players grow up as Giants fans?

Ed says: I’m sure some did, though to be honest I haven’t polled players to find out. The one I do know for certain who was a Giants’ fan is Roger Lewis Jr. He has spoken in the past about sitting in the stands as a kid with an Eli Mannng jersey on.

Jared Pershyn asks: I've been hearing of BJ Goodson being the source of a portion of the "dust ups" during camp and saw it for myself on Wednesday when I attended camp. I like the aggressiveness and Coach McAdoo and others don't seem to worry too much, but do you think it is something to worry about? Crossing that line during the season could result in penalties that could really put our team in rough situations.

Ed says: To be honest, I do think some of the extra-curricular stuff bothers me more than it seems to bother McAdoo and the Giants’ players. I do worry about players, if they are allowed to cross that line in practice, losing their composure and crossing it in games. It is McAdoo’s team, though, and if it doesn’t bother him then so be it. I don’t think it says anything about team chemistry.

Raphael Tornelli asks: My question is, as it has been for some time, the treatment that coach Mac has received by part of the media. Shouldn't he be applauded by what he did to the Giants last year ? I became a Giants fan in the Coughlin era but we were 6-10 for 3 straight years and as a (kind of) team leader I know how hard is to pull things off with the wrong personnel in place.

Ed says: Raphael, I’m not sure what treatment you are talking about. McAdoo is anything but an easy interview. I think the media has pointed that out. He has a slew of stand-by ‘McAdoo-isms’ that have become a running joke with the media. That has been pointed out. The offense struggled last season, and that’s his baby. That has been pointed out. No one has, in my mind, been unfair to the head coach. If, though, the Giants are bad for a couple of years I can see some in the media turning on McAdoo for the simple reason that he seems to go out of his way at times to make the media’s job more difficult.

David Bleecker asks: Obviously no one wants to see a player go down, but injuries are part of the game. With Shepard's close call with serious injury, it made me wonder, if we were to lose a player, would WR actually be a position where we have the greatest depth to afford such a loss?

Ed says: Well, wide receiver does appear to be a position where the Giants have some capable players beyond the big three of Shepard, Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. Tavarres King is a guy who was under-utilized last year. I could probably say the same thing for Dwayne Harris. Darius Powe is having a nice camp. Travis Rudolph is intriguing. Also, there is Roger Lewis Jr. Still, the long-term loss of Shepard would be devastating. No one the Giants would replace him with would come close to his talent level.

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