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A Justin Pugh Touchdown? He’s On Prowl For The Video

Giants’ guard “scores” on a trick play

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants aren’t exactly known for their trickeration. That’s one constant from Tom Coughlin’s tenure to Ben McAdoo’s.

Under the right circumstances, though, that could be changing.

Reports emerged from training camp that the Giants were working on an actual trick play, namely a pass from punter Brad Wing to guard Justin Pugh.

You read that right: The New York Football Giants ran a fake field goal — albeit in practice — that saw punter throw a touchdown pass to the left guard.

After practice, Pugh was hoping someone in attendance captured the moment.

Sadly, it appears as though the Giants were working too far away for any of the beat writers to get a video of the play. But Pugh’s now on a mission ...

Ben McAdoo DID say that the Giants record everything, even down to how players walk or jog from one drill to the next, so hopefully Pugh will be able to get the tape.

We’ll update if any tape of the play comes to light.

In 2014 the team lined up in the Wildcat with Odell Beckham Jr. taking the snap while Eli Manning lined up in the “X” receiver position. Beckham threw a pass, but he ultimately over-threw Rueben Randle. He said later that he was under orders to not throw to Manning under ANY circumstances.

(But really, how amazing could it have been to see Eli Manning catch a touchdown pass? What self-respecting DB would even bother covering him?)

It really says something about the team that a play like that from almost three years ago stands out in memory.

Since then McAdoo has also run a nifty — if long developing — screen pass that is set up with play-action and a fake sweep by Beckham, but that isn’t really a “trick play”.

Personally, I not only want to see the trick play from practice, but I want to see the big guy’s touchdown dance. What about you?