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Fantasy Football: What If There Wasn’t Such A Thing?

How would that change the way we watch games?

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I’m writing this wearing a plastic tarp, as I may receive just a ttaaadd bit of backlash. But because I write about fantasy football, and my mind is demented, we have to talk about it. What if Odell Beckham Jr. had been knocked out for the season on Monday?

I was admittedly not watching MNF, and was texted the news from a co-worker who happens to be a Cowboys fan. When I saw the hit, I about teared up. It looked like a tear of something, and season finis. IN THE PRESEASON. AGAINST THE BROWNS. And unfortunately, I thought of fantasy implications. And as I’m typing this, I realize that was a morbid thought, and that fantasy football really has taken some of the humanity out of football.

I love the Giants, and I love ODB. Thinking about a game like fantasy instead of the health and future of your favorite team and player is not the way I want to view football, or the world for that matter. I want to take in every moment of the Giants season, and not through the lense of fantasy points and waiver adds. You won’t find any ideas on the Marshall/Shephard/Engram target pecking order here, just a question.

What if we just started watching football again?