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‘Snacks’ Lauds Improvement Of Giants’ DT Jay Bromley

“Jay’s come a long way”

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
Jay Bromley
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Jay Bromley did not have a big impact on the New York Giants’ defense during his first three seasons in the NFL. After Friday’s preseason opener Bromley admitted he had been “sporadic” thus far in his career.

“I don’t think this league has seen the kind of player I’m capable of being yet to this point. I’ve been very sporadic throughout the course of my career,” Bromley told Big Blue View. “I just want to be consistent and show that I can play the run and I can contribute and get after the quarterback.”

Bromley, a 25-year-old fourth-year player. has impressed at least one teammate with improved work this far this season. An important one. That would be the guy who has to line up next to him on the Giants’ defensive line, Damon Harrison.

“You see it yourself. Jay’s come a long way, man, but that’s just a testament to him being in here in the offseason,” Harrison said on Tuesday. “I come in here to run and he’s already running, he’s lifting weights, he’s focused. It’s night and day from where he was a year ago.”

Listed at 6-foot-3, 306 pounds, Bromley looks like he is in better physical condition that in previous years. Harrison sees the work Bromley has done translating on the field.

“He’s faster than me, he’s quicker than me, he’s a pass rusher, he’s strong, he’s long. Now he’s just more comfortable in the defense and he knows exactly what’s asked of him and he’s doing a pretty damn good job of putting forth the effort,” Harrison said. “Obviously, you saw it translate out there to on the field, so I’m just excited to watch him grow as the season progresses.”