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Mailbag: Should Giants Sign Roberto Aguayo? Branden Albert? More Questions

Let’s see what is on your mind after one preseason game

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With one New York Giants preseason game in the books, let’s open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what is inside.

Ed says: No. There was a time when I thought the loser of the Roberto Aguayo-Nick Folk competition with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would draw interest from the Giants. Not now. Aldrick Rosas is untested in the regular season, but thus far he has passed every test with the Giants. Mike Nugent is an experienced kicker. Aguayo made only 71 percent of his field goals last season 22-of-31), completely unacceptable in the modern game. Aguayo missed a 47-yard field goal and an extra point Friday night. He was a second-round draft pick, it turns out foolishly, but he isn’t better than what the Giants already have.

Ed says: Well, Ereck Flowers IS the starting left tackle. He was for the past two years and he will be this year. There is no legitimate competition for him on the roster. Sure, he still needs work. That’s why he spent the offseason training, getting in better shape, and trying to improve. The Giants are committed to Flowers at left tackle and this is just how it’s going to be.

Ed says: Michael Hunter. The second-year man has been solid all spring and summer, and appeared to play well Friday night. Valentino Blake and Donte Deayon, not so much. Neither helped themselves against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Truthfully, this is a position where I fully expect the Giants to turn to the waiver wire and add a veteran corner for depth at some point. And no, his name won’t be Darrelle Revis.

Ed says: You’re talking about undrafted rookie free agent offensive tackle Chad Wheeler, and of course he will get another chance to “save himself.” He played poorly Friday night, but that’s no reason to give up on him right away. Cuts to the roster don’t have to be made until after the final preseason game. Even if he doesn’t make the roster, somebody has to play when the starters aren’t in the game. Part of finding out about young players is seeing if they can bounce back from adversity. We will find that out now about Wheeler.

Ed says: This one wasn’t sent specifically for the mailbag, but I have to answer it nonetheless. The answer is, not a chance. First of all, he turns 33 in November and he wasn’t very good last year. He had a lower Pro Football Focus grade than the oft-criticized Flowers. Then there is the whole “retired/un-retired” thing. Do you really want to sign a guy who isn’t very good anymore and might not all that committed to playing? On top of which, he would probably want a lot more money than the Giants could justify paying a backup tackle, which is what Albert would.

I do think the Giants would benefit from finding a veteran swing tackle. I don’t, though, believe Albert is that guy.

Jim Giblin asks: I know that it is still the beginning of camp and we have yet to play a meaningful game but it strikes me that all of the second year players have and are making great strides. I can not remember a crop of 2nd year guys ever making such collective strides. It seems Eli, Sterling, BJ, Perkins, Hart and even Adams are all poised to become major contributors. Only D Thompson remains a question mark due to injury. Did JR actually have a near perfect draft class or is there something special in the Kool-Aid that McAdoo has been feeding them? Or is the new strength & conditioning coach/staff with Aaron Wellman who are the only ones allowed to work with these guys off season totally outworking their contracts? FYI – combo of all 3 is not a legit answer.

Ed says: There are a few things to clear up with this question. First, it was e-mailed to Big Blue View prior to Friday’s preseason opener. Second, right tackle Bobby Hart is not part of the 2016 draft class — he was selected in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Third, no coaches are allowed to work with players during the offseason. Strength and conditioning coach Aaron Wellman was allowed to devise a workout program for Flowers and Hart, but he was not allowed to supervise it. The players were on their own to implement it.

As for the 2016 draft class, it quite possibly could end up being the best Jerry Reese draft class from top to bottom.