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New York Giants News, 7/30: McAdoo Talks Playbook, More Headlines

Let’s get caught up on what is happening with the Giants

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo took a ton of criticism, a good bit of it from this web site, for the lack of creativity in the team’s offense a year ago. Saturday, McAdoo said that how deep you go into the playbook really depends on the players you have.

“The playbook is the playbook we go through each year. We add, we take out, we change it and we correct it. We do a lot of different things with the playbook,” McAdoo said. “It’s there if you need it. If you have the players you feel like that can execute what you need to get done, you use it. If not, you put it on the shelf and you pick and choose what you use each and every year.

“We can play doubleheaders for three years with that playbook. We need to. It’s all there if we need it, but we have to let the players determine what we use and what we need.”

That seems to make it apparent that McAdoo felt handcuffed by what he had, or didn’t have, on offense a season ago.

The 2017 season should be different. It was just one practice, but on Saturday we saw much more variety in terms of formations and personnel packages. One of the fascinating stories of the year will be how McAdoo deploys his improved offensive arsenal.

Saturday offered us just a small hint.

Brandon Marshall’s “Sort Of” R-Rated Story

Saying that wide receiver Brandon Marshall is an elder statesman in the Giants’ locker room is putting it nicely. Sometimes, things happen that make the 33-year-old feel plain old. Like this story he told Saturday when asked if younger guys on the team look up to him:

“It was pretty interesting. A couple of months ago… (pause) this might be a little rated R, but walking in the showers, and there was this guy. He was like, ‘Man, Brandon. I remember watching you when I was in middle school!’ Like, what? (Laughs) I can tell how old I’m getting, right? I got a teammate who was literally watching me in the NFL when he was in middle school. That kind of shocked me a little bit.”

Marshall is in his 12th season, so many of his under-25 teammates would have been in middle school early in Marshall’s career. Sorry, Brandon, you’re old. At least in NFL years.

Jackrabbit: Beckham Contract Not An Issue

It was probably inevitable Saturday that Janoris Jenkins would be asked about Odell Beckham Jr. and his contract. Jackrabbit said it’s a non-issue for Beckham’s teammates.

“We don’t even talk about money. We talk about getting better and trying to win a championship,” Jackrabbit said. “To be honest, in the locker room we don’t have those kind of problems. When we are in the locker room we are just focus on football. Odell is staying focused and keeping his head on. He understands when his time comes whether it is now or later, he is going to get paid the way he is supposed to get paid.”

In Case You Missed It

More Headlines

Giants CB Donte Deayon determined to earn a roster spot | Newsday

Donte Deayon is a favorite here at Big Blue View. He is also a favorite with the Giants. That, though, doesn’t mean he will make the 53-man roster. He was cut last season, landed on the practice squad, then finished the year on IR.

“Not making the team drives me more than being close,” Deayon said. “Not making it put that hunger in me that I’m not just here to be on the practice squad or not make the team. I’m here because I want to be on the team and that put the hunger in me to keep working, keep working, keep working.”

“You have to win the coaches over, you have to win the whole organization over by making plays, staying healthy, staying out of trouble, and being a guy they can count on and trust,” Deayon said. “You have to gain trust to be on that field. Your teammates have to trust you as well. They’re going to expect you to do your job when you’re out there.”

Why WR Sterling Shepard doesn't fear diminished role in Giants' new-look offense |

Could Sterling Shepard have a reduced number of opportunities this season? He has heard the question before?

"I hear it, but I don't worry about it at all," Shepard told NJ Advance Media last week between sessions at his Hyundai Youth Football Camp. "I feel like Eli does a great job just spreading the ball around. I see no problem having those guys. I feel like it's going to free us up.

"It's not a bad problem at all. I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about it. It's a good problem to have, a lot of guys who can get the ball."

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