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Giants News, 7/22: Giants’ Roster Third-Best In NFC East?

Let’s check today’s headlines

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New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Some analysts think the New York Giants are Super Bowl contenders. Landon Collins and Dak Prescott are spending their pre-training camp time arguing about whether the Dallas Cowboys or Giants are the best team in the NFC East. There there’s this:

USA Today thinks the Giants have the third-best roster in the NFC East, behind both the Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Here is what USA Today’s Nate Davis said about the Giants:

This team could be a microcosm of QB Eli Manning — wildly uneven. The secondary, D-line and receivers are all elite or at least borderline. But the linebackers, special teams and running back situations leave this team looking quite lopsided.

Davis has the Cowboys No. 7 and the Eagles No. 12. Whatever he thinks of the Cowboys and Eagles, I don’t get Davis knocking the Giants that far down. I guess I don’t see the things he pointed to as being that big of a deal.

Colin Kaepernick ex-teammate questions Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick |

Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall (yes, the other Brandon Marshall) can’t believe Geno Smith has a job in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick does not:

“I watch people on Twitter say, ‘Colin’s not good, he’s not a good NFL quarterback,’” Marshall said. “But what about the Geno Smiths of the world and Ryan Fitzpatricks, and all those guys? I’m like, if Kaep’s not good, then what are these guys? These guys are getting signed. You know, the Matt Barkleys and all that stuff. So that’s very shocking to me.”

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