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Mailbag: Geno Smith or Josh Johnson For No. 2 QB?

Who’s it gonna be?

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Geno Smith
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Only two questions for this week’s Big Blue View mailbag. Apparently, with training camp a few days away you guys are tired of asking questions and just ready to see the New York Giants get to work. Anyway, here are this week’s questions.

Alex Curtice asks: If during the preseason both Geno Smith and Josh Johnson play lights out and both would make great quality back ups how do you see the Giants playing this out? Do they go with Smith because of age and more recent success? Is there a possibility that either might warrant a trade from a QB needy team? Who do you see the Giants keeping out of the two? Thanks.

Ed says: Honestly, the Geno Smith signing is one I have struggled to understand. I get the fact that he has a really great arm, he can really “spin the ball,” as coaches say now. I think Smith has to “win” the job. He has to show that he’s healthy. He has to show he can be a good teammate, which apparently wasn’t always the case with the New York Jets. Then, he has to play well. If he does those things I think he wins the job. Coaches love to try to “fix” guys who fail in other places. I don’t think either Smith or Josh Johnson is a guy another team would actually trade for. Why would anyone do that?

Geoffrey Rhoades asks: Considering how good the defense was at making opposing offenses 1 dimensional and pass often, do you think we will see more of the "NASCAR" package now with more DE depth?

Ed says: We saw some “NASCAR,” the four-defensive end package, last year. The Giants used Devon Kennard as a rushing lineman and added Romeo Okwara at times. It’s possible we see more, especially if the Giants really like what they think they can get from Avery Moss or Devin Taylor. Still, I can also see a lot of three defensive end sets with one tackle (Damon Harrison, Dalvin Tomlinson or Jay Bromley) just to push the pocket and occupy blockers in the middle.