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JPP Didn't Call Out Dak Prescott, but Landon Collins Did

The Giants' All-Pro safety disagrees with Dak Prescott's claim that Dallas will win the division

One of the things that makes the NFC East great is are the fierce rivalries each of the four teams has with the other three.

So while it made headlines that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott proclaimed unequivocally that his team would be winning the divisions, it wasn't exactly surprising.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul may not have taken the bait and provided a juicy headline, but teammate and second year phenom Landon Collins did.

Collins made his response to Prescott while speaking to members of the press while at his Citi ProCamp in Union, N.J. Where JPP expressed a more reserved confidence that the Giants have the pieces to compete and would put in the work to be great, Collins was much more definite.

The Giants' defense has been almost purpose-built to counter the Dallas offense. And Collins' is coming from a place of confidence after the Giants swept the Cowboys in 2016.

But with less than a week until training camp opens, sparks are already starting to fly between division rivals and anticipation is mounting for their showdown in the first week of the season.