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Podcast: Carl Banks — Jerell Adams A Sleeper For Giants

Latest “Big Blue chat is available, more headlines

Carl Banks dropped by the “Big Blue Chat” podcast on Tuesday to talk New York Giants with Pat Traina (Inside Football) and myself. Banks named second-year tight end Jerell Adams as his “sleeper” for the Giants during the upcoming season.

Adams, a sixth-round pick in 2016, caught 16 passes last season, but played only 19.2 percent of the team’s offensive snaps.

Banks told Pat and I that Adams is “running around with more confidence” and that he is “so much more sure of himself.”

We also talked about several other topics — including the offensive line, what Eli Manning has left and what growth we can expect from Ben McAdoo as a second-year head coach.

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“I’ve had the chance to watch Ereck Flowers this offseason first-hand. The guy is 100 percent committed to doing better than he did last year. He changed his body type, the way that he east, he’s gotten stronger. We just have to see that translate to the field. All of that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be better than he was last year, but just watching the dedication that he’s shown this offseason it’ll be exciting to watch.”

— Damon Harrison Tuesday on Sirius XM NFL Radio

More Headlines

Jerry Jones to Cowboys’ bad boys: Your actions impact an entire team | ProFootballTalk

None of the incidents have shone a positive light on the Cowboys, less than a month before owner Jerry Jones earns enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I think the biggest message is not one that has to be stated, and that is that your actions impact an entire team; it impacts an entire fan base,” Jones said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of responsibility there. To the team, it’s a reminder of the interest that’s in your actions and behavior, and it’s not dissimilar from the message you have when you sit down with a child and a young person when you’re talking about how they represent everybody. The message really is pretty simple: Try to think about your activities when you’re involved out here.”

Could Jones’ comments also be read as “please stop embarrassing me right before my Hall of Fame enshrinement?”

Doug Pederson not ready to turn over play-calling duties in Year 2 | CSN Philly

"I can tell you this, after going through a year of calling a full season, it's hard to give that up," Pederson said a few weeks ago. "Personally, selfishly, it's hard to give that up. It's fun. It's fun and you're in control of the game. Being a quarterback and former quarterback, you're kind of in charge. You are. You're calling the plays, you're touching the ball every time. You're a part of the game, part of the fabric of the game. It's just hard to give that up."

Pederson, like Giants’ coach Ben McAdoo, was criticized last season for calling the plays while adjusting to being a head coach. He’s not changing, and in this regard I don’t believe McAdoo will either.