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Damon Harrison Again Explains Eli Manning-LeBron James Comparison

‘Snacks’ visits Sirius XM Radio, defends his quarterback

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Damon Harrison
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants’ defensive tackle Damon Harrison caused a bit of an uproar recently when he compared Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning to NBA mega-star LeBron James. ‘Snacks’ used an appearance Tuesday on Sirius XM NFL Radio’s ‘Morning Drive’ with Bob Papa and Brad Hopkins to further explain what he meant.

“If we’re just talking about pure numbers, there’s three quarterbacks in the [NFL Network] top 100 that Eli Manning had better numbers than, hands down. So if you’re telling me your argument is he shouldn’t be in the top 100 because of his numbers I can point to three, maybe four quarterbacks who he had better numbers than,” Harrison said. “That’s why I said it’s kinda like we do LeBron. LeBron can average 30, 15 and 12 and people will be like it’s not good enough. It’s average for him, but if somebody else did it it would just be phenomenal. That’s why I said he was similar to LeBron — in the way that we look at him.”

‘Snacks,’ who was No. 96 on that NFL Network Top 100 players list, had even more to say about his quarterback.

“Not too many teams like the New York Giants and not too many fans like ‘em. The Giants have won two Super Bowls in the last 10 years. Some of these guys teams haven’t won a Super Bowl ever. They’re [opposing teams’ fans] naturally gonna hate him,” Harrison said. “I don’t know why some of the analysts are so hard on him. He had 3,800 passing yards last year, 26 touchdowns and like 14 or 15 interceptions.

“You got guys in the top 100 that didn’t even have 20 touchdowns. Some had over 20 interceptions. It’s amazing.”