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Giants 90-Man Roster: FB Shane Smith

Might the Giants really keep a true fullback?

Shane Smith of the New York Giants is one strong dude. How did I learn this? Well, just check out his Twitter page.

Can Smith turn all strength and his impressive Pro Day work into a roster spot with the Giants? Let’s take a closer look as we continue our player-by-player profiles of the Giants’ 90-man roster.

2016 Season In Review

Smith caught five passes for 36 yards and ran twice for 10 yards while playing in 12 games. His job was to block.

Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst says:


Nice-sized lead blocker with a one-dimensional game. Aggressive, displays outstanding vision and shows strength at the point. Attacks assignments, accelerates into blocks and squares into opponents. Keeps his feet moving on contact, stays square and seals open running lanes. Does enough to disrupt defensive linemen from the action and protect his quarterback.


Possesses average speed and quickness in his game. One-dimensional as a lead blocker and not very active handling the ball.

2017 Season Outlook

Are the Giants thinking of doing what Smith suggests? The Giants didn’t have a fullback last year. With Smith and Jacob Huesman, they have two on the current roster. Tight end Rhett Ellison also has experience lining up at fullback.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan was non-committal about whether the Giants would keep a fullback, saying only that the Giants had “a couple of fullbacks that we’re taking a look at, just to have those different groupings.”

On the clip below there are a few shots of Smith (No. 49) leading the way for running back Tyler Irvin during the 2015 season.

Smith is a converted linebacker with plenty of collegiate experience on special teams coverage units, which should help his bid for a roster spot. He had 11 tackles in the past three seasons on special teams for San Jose State.

It is really impossible to know how good or bad Smith’s chances of making the roster are. Spring practices in shorts and t-shirts offer no clues as to how well a fullback can clear a hole. It is, however, interesting that the Giants even have Smith on the 90-man roster. Could he bring them back at least a semblance of old-fashioned smashmouth football?