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Giants News, 7/11: Eli’s Hall Of Fame Chances, Giants Playoff Odds, More

Let’s check today’s headlines

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Will the New York Giants make the playoffs in 2017 for a second straight year or won’t they? We can’t, of course, answer that question right now. We can, however, speculate. Bovada this week released the latest NFL playoffs. Yes, the Giants will be a playoff teams is +110 (11/10). No, they won’t make it is -140 (5/7).

So, if you’re into gambling your hard-earned cash, there is that to consider.

Now, let’s check the rest of the Giants headlines.

Eli A Hall Of Famer?

Somehow, the conversation around Eli Manning always comes back to this question. Dan Duggan of is the latest to take on this topic, and his view is that Manning is a lock for Canton:

Debating Manning's Hall of Fame-worthiness is silly. He's a two-time Super Bowl MVP who could rank in the top five of every major passing category by the end of his career. Every other quarterback repeatedly in the top 10 is in the Hall of Fame or is a lock to make it. That includes quarterbacks who don't have a postseason resume that compares to Manning's.

Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin agrees. An ESPN Analytics study agrees.

My view has long been that Manning’s Hall of Fame candidacy will be a fascinating one. Yes, many of his regular-season career stats are impressive — but they are based on longevity and durability, not dominance. His regular seasons, statistically, have largely been mediocre to good — not great. He has the two Super Bowl titles, and the fact that they are the only blemishes on the Super Bowl record of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick gives them added weight.

Right now, I’d say Manning gets in. I do not, however, agree with Duggan that it’s a slam dunk.

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