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Giants’ ‘Glove-Gate’ Mystery Solved: It’s About The Grip

Eli, other QBs testing out glove on non-throwing hand

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Eli Manning
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Forget about Odell Beckham Jr. for a second. Well, I know that’s impossible — but try. Forget who is attending OTAs, competing for jobs, playing softball and all that stuff. There has been a big mystery bugging everyone who has noticed the phenomenon during New York Giants OTAs. What is the deal with the glove on the left hand of quarterback Eli Manning?

Manning has company. If memory serves, rookie Davis Webb is the only one of the four Giants’ quarterbacks not wearing a glove on his non-throwing hand.

During media availability on Wednesday, quarterbacks coach Frank Cignetti said there is a simple explanation.

“You look around the league, guys that wear the glove on their non-throwing hand, just get more traction, more grip, and it's as simple as that,” Cignetti said. “It's really as simple as this; the offhand is having more grip, better traction on the ball. I wouldn't read into it any more than that.”

So, there you have it. No big mystery. Traction and grip. End of story.