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Brandon Marshall: “Sometimes You Got To Sacrifice”

Wide receiver acknowledges he won’t always be Eli Manning’s primary target

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Brandon Marshall
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In our recent roster profile of New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall we floated the idea that Marshall does not have to be the dominant No. 1 receiver he has been in other places. He needs to be an effective complementary piece to Odell Beckham Jr.

For a proud player used to be being the focal point of a passing attack, that isn’t always an easy pill to swallow. Marshall, though, appears to understand the situation. And says he will be OK with it:

“They were clear with me we have a No. 1 receiver that’s not even in his prime yet, and that we also have a freakin’ stud in Sterling Shepard, so there’s only one ball,’’ Marshall told The Post. “I want this to be my most efficient year. It may not be my best statistically, but when it comes to the standpoint of efficiency, I really want to dominate in that category.’’ ...

“I know I could have gone to another team and caught 100-something balls and put up 1,500-1,600 yards, but that’s not the mission right now,’’ he said. “That’s not the goal. My goal is to touch that Lombardi Trophy. Sometimes you got to sacrifice. There’s gonna be times where I may think I’m open or may be open and not get the ball, and it might hurt. I understand I’m in a great place and the only thing that matters is bringing home that trophy.’’

Those things are easy to say in June when they are just possibilities. Let’s hope his actions mirror his words when those things become realities.

If Marshall can indeed thrive in a role where his volume of catches might not be what he is used to but where he still makes impact plays that will be a huge asset to the Giants.