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New York Giants News, 6/29: Eli Manning Is Everywhere

Offseason? It’s a busy time for the Giants quarterback

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

It might be the dead of the NFL offseason, but New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning seems to be popping up everywhere. The Manning Passing Academy, a new commercial, traffic court — you name it. Let’s check in on the recent comings and goings of the Giants’ quarterback.

The Breakfast Of Eli

Manning is entering his 14th NFL season. With 211 consecutive starts, durability has been a hallmark of his career. One of his secrets? Breakfast:

Giants QB Eli Manning shares the secret to his longevity |
"I'm pretty consistent with what I eat," Manning told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday during an appearance for the Gatorade Beat the Heat program at Wayne Valley High. "With my breakfast, whether it's at home or at the facility, it's pretty much the same thing every day. It's not real exciting, but hey, I can tell the difference when I'm eating well and I'm not. It's just kind of become a way of life. It's not something I think about. It's just what I know I need to do."

So, what's the breakfast of the two-time Super Bowl champion?

"Oatmeal, a ton of fruit, egg whites to throw in some protein, maybe mix it with some peppers or turkey or something like that," Manning said. "That's kind of the breakfast. It's pretty basic."

Manning also told N Advance Media that he has become more diligent in his workouts, and that he has no timetable for how much longer he will play.

Interceptions Are The Key To Victory?

Well, he says so in this new Gatorade commercial.

Manning Defends Odell Beckham

Of course Manning has joined the chorus of Giants (Justin Pugh) and former Giants (Michael Strahan) defending Odell Beckham Jr. It is the dead of the offseason and every Giant who appears anywhere is likely to be asked about the wide receiver. Here is part of what Manning said during an appearance on The Jim Rome Show:

“The guy’s a workhorse. He’s loves the training, he knows his body, he knows what he’s got to do to get ready and so he felt this was the best way for him to get prepared,” Manning said. “Sometimes as athletes, you know your body better than anyone else. You know what you need to do to get in the best shape and get the most work and that’s what he felt, and you have to support the guy, because he is working. He is doing the right things, and he is trying to get better.”

Manning also said Beckham had informed him he would not be attending OTAs, and that the two had worked out some together in April.

Eli Apparently Didn’t Impress Martellus Bennett

The Black Unicorn apparently didn’t think a whole lot of Manning during the year he spent with the Giants. Asked to rank the quarterbacks he has played with, Bennett put Manning fourth — behind Jay Cutler.

That’s kind of ridiculous, but maybe MartyB can be forgiven on this one. He caught a then-career high 55 passes from Manning in 2012. He caught 65, 90 and 53 passes during three seasons with Cutler and the Bears.

Slant Is Manning’s Favorite Route

Why? Well, because “the ball’s coming out fast, so I don’t have to get hit.” Oh, and because he likes watching Beckham turn short completions into long runs.

Paying A Traffic Ticket

Even star quarterbacks can get traffic tickets, and Manning apparently did so last month. TMZ has video of Manning, surrounded by Giants security personnel, in traffic court paying his $89 fine.

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