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Phil Jackson Expected To Be Fired By Knicks

OK, Knicks fans, here’s your chance to celebrate

New York Knicks Press Conference
Phil Jackson
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Here at Big Blue View we don’t often stray into discussions of other sports. I know, though, that many New York Giants fans are also New York Knicks fans. So, with the news this morning that the Knicks and Phil Jackson are parting ways here’s an opportunity for you guys to chat about something other than the Giants.

I’m not a Knicks fan. Here, though, is my $.02 about Jackson’s tenure with the Knicks.

It was a pathetic joke. A Hall of Fame coach, Jackson showed absolutely zero aptitude for actually building a team.

Three seasons, an 80-166 won-loss record. No playoffs. No perceptible plan. Some awful free-agent signings — hello, Joakim Noah. Public alienation of Carmelo Anthony, of whom I am definitely not a fan, and young star Kristaps Porzingis. Insistence on his beloved triangle offense, which doesn’t fit the way the game is currently played.

SB Nation described Jackson’s tenure this way:

Jackson’s bulldozed the Knicks’ roster twice and built it to his liking. Nothing’s worked. In all, he’s amassed an 80-166 record as Knicks president while simultaneously squashing his standing with players both on the team and off.

Check SB Nation’s Knicks blog, Posting and Toasting, for more news, reaction and analysis throughout the day.