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Big Blue View Mailbag: Dwayne Harris, Donte Deayon, More Roster Questions

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
Dwayne Harris
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

As the summer rolls merrily along and we wait for the July 28th opening of training camp, let’s open the Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions you currently have about the New York Giants.

Kevin Scanlon Sr. asks: Who is going into ring of honor this year and why isn't Kyle Rote in it already? What game is the presentation?

Ed says: Kevin, that’s a good question. As of now, to my knowledge, there has been no announcement about the Giants’ 2017 Ring of Honor. As for Rote, I really don’t know what to tell you.

Tommy Williams asks: Do you see the Giants keeping 4 corners and 6 safeties because some can play corner and are too valuable?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Tommy. Seriously, though, you want to go into the season with one reserve cornerback? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has been going in and out of the lineup for two years with leg issues. Eli Apple missed games last year with leg issues, and finished the spring with a hamstring issue. If anything, it probably ends up being a 6-4 or 5-4 split in the other direction. Besides, I’m not sure who these safeties who can play corner are that you are talking about. Mykkele Thompson is probably the only one versatile enough right now to do both, and he is anything but a lock to make the roster.

pfunk81 asks: Since you were at minicamp, were you able to see any noticeable size difference in Donte Deayon this year compared to last year? I think most of the fan base is hoping he bulks up from the 159 pounds he weighed in at last year, otherwise he probably just won't cut it in the NFL. Any thoughts on what minimum weight he should be to secure a roster spot?

Ed says: I talked to Deayon during OTAs, and he said “I don’t do numbers, but I did add seven to eight pounds.” As for a minimum weight, remember that he is a small man to begin with at 5-foot-9. He can’t add an unlimited amount of bulk, and it is possible he is already as heavy as he can safely be without losing speed or risking injuries to his legs. What it will come down to for Deayon is showing that at roughly 165 pounds he can consistently tackle bigger people — everyone he plays against will be bigger — and that he can make enough plays to offset the times his physical limitations will be a factor.

Matt Annunziata asks: For my question, say the Giants decide to go with King, Powe and Randolph as their last 3 WRs. If that were to happen, how much would they save by cutting Harris? Also, how much of an impact would that have on the 2018 salary cap? Also, if all stay healthy, do you foresee the possibility of this scenario, or similar one, happening?

Ed says: If the Giants cut Dwayne Harris before the 2017 season it certainly won’t be for the purpose of saving salary cap space. If they wanted to do that, they would have done it already. They did reduce his base salary from $2.975 million to $2.475 million, which is really a minimal savings. Per Over The Cap, they could save $1.4 million by cutting him before the 2017 season, but the savings vs. the cap would be much greater doing so next year or the year after. If the Giants cut Harris it would be simply because they feel they have better options. Even though he had a down year as a returner last year, he is an incredibly valuable special teams player and I would be very surprised if the Giants cut him.

Adam Zenzer asks: How likely will it be for the Giants to keep both Bisnowaty and Chad Wheeler?

Ed says: Adam, anything can happen once training camp starts. Injuries, a roster move to pick up a veteran swing tackle, etc. Still, here’s how I see it. Adam Bisnowaty seemed to know his assignments and was making a transition to right tackle during the spring. He’s a draft pick, he’s making the team. As for Chad Wheeler, I believe it’s far more likely that he lands on the practice squad than the 53-man roster. The Giants would not have signed him as an undrafted free agent if they didn’t think he had some ability, but he looks to me like he needs some serious time in the weight room. Yes, he worked with the second team during the spring, but that doesn’t mean the Giants really see him as their second option at left tackle if Ereck Flowers gets hurt. I will be surprised if he is on the 53-man roster.

Malachi Hairston aks: Do you believe that Erick Flowers will have a redeeming season?

Ed says: The Giants are certainly banking on that, Malachi. What I believe is that there is reason for optimism that we will see at least moderate improvement. There was some improvement from his first year to his second. There should be some from Year 2 to Year 3. Also, the fact that he recognizes the need to get better and put in an offseason where his conditioning is obviously improved should be cause for optimism. That said, Flowers is probably always going to struggle with imperfect technique. We’ll see, but I would not expect Pro Bowl-level performance.

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