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Shane Vereen ‘Feeling Good’ After Torn Triceps Last Season

The veteran running back only was able to play five games last season for Big Blue

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Following a trip to the season-ending IR last season, Shane Vereen is ready to compete in the Giants backfield in 2017. Vereen landed on the IR after he tore two triceps last season and managed to appear in only five games for the Giants. He believes that he will be ready for Week One of the 2017 season.

“I'm feeling good. The trainers and coaches are taking it day by day, and so am I. Hopefully, we'll be ready to go by week one,” Vereen said.

Vereen hurt his triceps on two different occasions last year. The first injury came in late September, causing him to miss nine games. Then shortly after returning, he re-injured his triceps and was put on season-ending IR.

“I'm not a doctor, but I think I rushed it a little bit too quick the first time. So, this time around, we're definitely taking our time, we're definitely making sure the muscle is strong enough, and the tendons are strong enough. So that way, I don't miss any more time on the field,” Vereen said.

Last season, Vereen ran for 158 yards on 33 carries, including a touchdown. Vereen comes into this season as the Giants backup behind Paul Perkins. He's excited about what he has seen from the backfield so far this off-season.

“We're working hard, we're working really hard. I think we have a young guy in Perk [Paul Perkins] who’s getting a lot better this year. The o-line is getting stronger each and every year that I've been here, they've made improvements. We're taking the step in the right direction, so I think the sky is the limit right now and we're just going to keep working and improve that part of our offense,” Vereen said.

The Giants offense struggled a bit last season, finishing the season 25th in the NFL in yards per game. With the addition of some weapons in the draft and in free agency, the offense looks lethal.

“We're definitely striving to be better than we were last year. I think last year, we knew we could be better, but we never really played to it. So, I think this year, we worked harder already in spring, just to be better than we were. We know the potential that we have, we have a lot of talented guys in the system right now. Most guys have been the system three to four years now. So now it's about time for everything to start clicking,” Vereen said.

A healthy Vereen should certainly help.