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Five plays that should get you excited about Evan Engram

If you aren’t already

Ever since the New York Giants made tight end Evan Engram their first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, already unbelievably a week ago, we have been talking about what he might be able to bring to the Giants’ offense.

We looked at what scouts said about Engram before the draft.

Dan Pizzuta broke down many of the ways Ben McAdoo could incorporate Engram’s skills into the offense.

The Giants told us what they thought. GM Jerry Reese said “We think that this guy can be a dynamic weapon in our offense.” Head coach Ben McAddo added that “The fastest way to the end zone is down the middle of the field.” VP of Player Evaluation Marc ross said “What we liked about Evan was his versatility, his feel for the game, his polish, his hands, his route running and his experience.”

Here are five plays that illustrate what Engram can bring to the Giants.