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Your BBV mock draft champion is ... Ed

Yep, bragging rights are mine!

New England Patriots Victory Parade
Maybe not a Lombardi Trophy, but I think I deserve something!
Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Yours truly gets mock draft bragging right around these parts for the next year!

Each year The Huddle Report scores mock drafts using a system that allots one point for each player correctly identified as a first-round pick, and two additional points for slotting a player to the correct team. Here are our mock draft scores using that system:

  • Ed — 43 (27 picks correct, eight players slotted to the proper team | Ed’s mock)
  • ‘Invictus’ — 37 (25 picks correct, six slotted to the proper team)
  • Chris — 31 (25 picks correct, three slotted to the proper team)

I got helped by being the only one to correctly slot Evan Engram to the Giants, and by pegging Corey Davis to the Tennessee Titans, although I had him going to Tennessee at 18 and not at No. 5. My mock, incidentally, would have placed seventh overall among the 95 graded by The Huddle Report. Of course, though, I didn’t send it in.

‘Invictus’ picked Cam Robinson for the Giants. That made sense, except Tom Coughlin is now running the Jacksonville Jaguars, where Robinson landed in Round 2.

Chris is dragging up the rear, but he at least had the courage to take the top of his mock draft and make some unconventional choices. Also, I thought his pick of Tyus Bowser for the Giants at 23 was an excellent one that had a chance to be correct.

Who won the Huddle Report contest?

Joe Marino of NDT Scouting scored a 47 to be this year’s champ. If it makes any of you would-be GM’s feel any better, Mike Mayock of NFL Network scored 37, placing in a tie for 41st. Lance Zierlein of placed 64th with a scored of 34. Dan Kadar of SB Nation’s Mocking The Draft, scored a 39.

We didn’t do a final top 100 Big Board, instead doing what we thought was a really useful two-axis board that showed value at each stage of the round. The top 100 big boards are really a great way to measure who has properly valued players. College Football Metrics and Draft Ace each scored 91, the first time since THR begin tracking these in 2001 that anyone has scored 90 or above.