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New York Giants news, 5/3: Jerry Reese responds to Shaun O’Hara

What’s making news this morning?

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at New York Giants William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is a quick check of your Giants-related headlines, including notes on Jerry Reese, Eli Manning, Wayne Gallman and more.

Jerry Reese fires back after ex-Giant Shaun O'Hara rips NFL Draft decisions |

"Shaun can have his opinion, he can say what he wants to say. But we do this for a living," Reese said during an appearance with Michael Kay and Don LaGreca on ESPN Radio 98.7. "That's all I have to say about that." ...

"In the first three rounds, there were only 10 offensive linemen taken," Reese said. "That should tell you something about the depth. ... That tells you a little bit about the offensive linemen."

Ben McAdoo wants Eli Manning focused on winning—not teaching young QBs | Newsday

“Eli needs to do his job, he needs to focus on getting ready to go out and play at a high level this year and be a good teammate like he always is,” McAdoo said on Tuesday in Manhattan where he was receiving the John V. Mara Sportsmanship Award at the 81st annual CYO Club of Champions Tribute. “I’m sure the young guy [Webb] is going to have some questions for him, but it’s not Eli’s job to get anybody ready to play this season and it’s not Eli’s job to go out and develop another quarterback. That’s not his job description. His job is to prepare and perform.”

Wayne Gallman Might Not Be The Power Back The Giants Hope He Is

The question is, and it’s a legitimate one: Does Gallman fits the mold of a power back the Giants are looking for? Because despite his reputation as a tough, downhill runner, Gallman might actually be more of a tweener – a player whose style and size belong off-tackle/outside, but whose skill set belongs on the inside.

If the Giants coaches want to make him into a power back, they have some work to do. They will have to drill him on getting low. He’ll have to be taught to trust his blockers and the play, to take the three-yard gain instead of risking the one-yard loss.

Ben McAdoo seemed to acknowledge that there is work ahead when he described Gallman as having “a lot of upside.”

Can Gallman be the back the Giants want him to be? It will be one of the more interesting storylines to watch this summer and on into fall.

Victor Cruz’s plea to Tom Coughlin and rest of NFL | New York Post
“I just want to play,” Cruz told The Post on Tuesday. “I’m just anxious to get on a team, anxious to play some football and anxious to see where I end up.”

How did we do on our first 2017 NFL mock draft -
Only 11 of our initial first round picks lived up to expectations.