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Evan Engram and Dalvin Tomlinson talk about their first days as Giants

The Giants’ first two draft picks talk about their first impressions as Giants

NFL: New York Giants-Rookie Minicamp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the Giants rookies met with the media on the first day of rookie mini camp. Namely, their first three picks, Evan Engram, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Davis Webb.

Evan Engram

The Giants’ first round pick, Evan Engram, had clearly decided that it was a “Sun’s out, Guns out” kind of day, and had his jersey sleeves rolled up for practice and the post-practice presser. He was asked about his first impressions as a pro, the offense, and his quarterbacks.

On His First Day As A Giant

“Ah man, it was fun. It’s just a blessing to be out here. Great chemistry out there, a lot of guys flying around having fun. Great execution, some things we have to work on, but an overall good day.”

“It’s not weird. It’s something that I definitely worked for. But like I said earlier, its a blessing. Just kinda soaking everything in, it kinda didn’t really hit me until yesterday and today, going around the facility and getting the jersey, getting the helmet, but it’s definitely a blessing.”

“Not really. I thought I was going to be a little more nervous, but I’m actually really settling in. Really excited about learning more and more every day.”

His Role In The Offense

There has been some speculation about what role Engram will play in the offense. Both head coach Ben McAdoo and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan were asked about Engram before practice.

After practice, Engram was asked about his first taste of the Giants’ offense.

“I love it, especially my position,” he answered. “The “Y” and how much we move around and stuff. Puts the defense in binds, and finding holes n the defense. It’s a great offense, it’s a lot but I can’t wait to really learn it.”

“The curve ball was at the Senior Bowl. I don’t think I was in the slot one time at the Senior Bowl, so I kind of got used to it then, so it was definitely a little bit easier out here today.”

On His Quarterbacks

Engram comes into the Giants in the fairly unique position of being a rookie, but already knowing not one, but two of the quarterbacks who will be throwing to him in practice.

Engram was asked which veterans with whom he had spoken, and he said that his first call was from a fellow Ole Miss alum.

“I talked to Eli after the draft, after I got the call (that he had been drafted by the Giants). He told me to enjoy the moment, have fun, and just be yourself when you get here, enjoy the moment and put the work in.”

“It’s really cool,” he added, that Eli would call him. “We worked out together a couple times, or rather I worked out for him, servicing him at Oxford a couple offseasons. To be a part of this team, it’s really cool to talk to him.”

Engram also got to know the quarterback throwing to him this weekend earlier in the year, at the Senior Bowl. There he was on the South team with former Cal quarterback, Davis Webb.

“D-Webb ... He’s gonna be good,” Engram said when asked for his assessment of the Giants’ third-round pick. “I mean, he’s really comfortable out there. We were rooming together last night, kinda going over stuff together and it really paid off today.”

“Yeah, yeah, we definitely hit it off at the Senior Bowl,” He added of their time together in Mobile. “I was hyped when his name came across the ticker for New York on Day 2 (of the draft). So it was definitely pretty cool to get to know him, and now we’re going to play together.”

“He’s going to be good for us,” Engram finished.

Dalvin Tomlinson

Dalvin Tomlinson met with the media before practice started, and let his personality and intelligence shine through.

Predictably enough, the first question was about his first impressions as a Giant. He said, “I’m enjoying it so far. Just trying to learn the new plays and take it all in.”

On How Alabama Prepared Him For The Pros

“Playing for Coach Saban, I’m pretty versatile at any position, so I’m comfortable wherever they want to put me.”

“The biggest adjustment just will be a different playbook,” he said. “Because at ‘Bama we had a pretty big playbook, you can say. I’m just learning a whole new defense and things like that, just getting used to it and the terminology for the most part.”

“I just come in and try to get better each and every day,” Tomlinson added. “There are some great veterans here I can learn from, and they can teach me a lot of things. Hopefully I can learn the defense quick enough and everything like that. I’ll just come in and work every day like I want to, and we’ll see what happens.”

On The Veterans

“I got to talk to a few of them every now and again, but not lately. Snacks was the first one I talked to. It was a normal conversation for the most part. He told me he was excited to get me here, to work with me and teach me some things.”

“Snacks is a great defensive lineman. He’s jut so aggressive in the front. His aggression, I just want to play like him and I’ll be happy.”

“I feel like we’re both aggressive,” Tomlinson added when asked what parallels he sees between his game and that of Harrison. “I’m pretty sure he’s more aggressive than me because he’s used to it. I probably have a little bit more nerves right now. Just the way he comes off, I feel like we’ll complement each other well on the defensive line.”

On Wrestling

One of the interesting notes about Tomlinson was his background as a multi-sport athlete, playing soccer and wrestling as well as playing football in high school. He believes his background as a state-champion wrestler helps him as a defensive tackle.

“Yes,” he said when asked about wrestling. “I think wrestling definitely had the biggest impact on football, with my football ability. As a defensive lineman it helped me learn leverage, for the most part. I know how to play blocks a little bit easier because of wrestling. And the mental toughness.

Wrestling is probably the most mentally draining sports there is, and the toughness it takes to do the sport day in, day out, is one of the hardest things to do.”

On His Connections With His Teammates

While Tomlinson would like to model his game after Damon Harrison’s, and has talked to the veteran defensive tackle, Tomlinson already has one established relationship in the locker room, former teammate Landon Collins.

Tomlinson said that the two were close at Alabama, coming into the program at the same time and often spending time together outside of football.

“Landon told me to come in and make sure I work like I always did at ‘Bama and things will be great. I’m really excited to be able to with Landon again.”

He also knows fellow rookie Wayne Gallman, having played against the former Clemson running back in the last two National Championship games.

“We were just talking about that yesterday, as a matter of fact,” Tomlinson said of his connection with Gallman. “It’s pretty crazy because we were talking about the run defense, and run offense and things like that, and things we both could have [done] differently both years.”