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NFL Draft rumors: QB shuffle — where they will land nobody knows

Let’s get caught up on some of the recent draft chatter

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DeShaun Watson
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It is a beautiful Sunday here in upstate New York with temperatures expected to soar near 70. Before you head outside for some yard work or a little recreation let’s turn our attention to some NFL Draft rumors that might impact the New York Giants.

How many QBs in Round 1?

The answer depends on who you ask. recently polled five NFL executives and got different answers from each. One interesting thing here is that two of those executives mentioned Davis Webb of Cal as a potential first-round pick. None mentioned DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame.

Great Blue North Draft Report says that the only quarterbacks who appear to be first-round locks are Mitchell Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes.

One quarterback who might be drafted earlier than previously anticipated is Joshua Dobbs of Tennessee. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report writes that Dobbshas a legitimate chance to be a top-100 pick.”

Miller also said that an executive he spoke to predicted there would be a run on teams drafting quarterbacks in the 20s. The Giants, of course, select 23rd.

SB Nation writes that Watson is easily the most tested of the quarterback group.

Should Giants Trade Up?

We have spent some time recently exploring whether or not the Giants could or should trade up from the 23rd spot in Round 1. Scouting Academy Director Dan Hatman opined that given the Giants’ conservative history and the cost of moving up that doing so seemed unlikely.

CBS Sports, though, lists the Giants as one of the teams who should consider it. CBS says:

Like the Broncos, the Giants have a huge need to land a left tackle and move Ereck Flowers to the right side. However, they’re not as well-positioned to make that happen, with the Broncos ahead of them and several other teams from No. 8 on down possibly looking at drafting a tackle. Unlike the Broncos, they don’t have a large trove of picks from which to trade, holding just one pick in each round of this year’s draft. That leaves them most likely to stay put and hope for the best, with a linebacker or tight end possibly being in the cards if the tackle well dries up early.

If the Giants want one of the top offensive tackles in this class, they might need to make a move. Miller said he was told by a general manager that two offensive tackles could be taken in the top 15 picks and that guard Forrest Lamp is likely a Top 20 pick.

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