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Giants get TE David Njoku as Raptor, Invictus team up for mock draft

We haven’t done one of these yet this year, how does it turn out?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time, almost a year in fact, since Invictus and I teamed up for a rotating mock draft, so we were way past due.

We used our usual format, rotating picks throughout the first round, and making the New York Giants’ pick as a consensus. If you read the headline, you already know that we picked Miami tight end David Njoku, but how did we arrive at the pick? That you’ll just have to read on and find out for yourself.

  1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett (DE, TAMU) - This was as big a no-brainer as Andrew Luck was for the Indianapolis Colts. Garrett has the talent to be the face of a franchise that is desperate for star power. - Invictus
  2. San Francisco 49ers - Mitchell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina) - The 49ers have Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley at quarterback. Kyle Shanahan might be waiting for Kirk Cousins to make his escape from Washington, but he needs a quarterback now. - Chris
  3. Chicago Bears - Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State) - The Bears could go in any number of directions here, but most roads should lead towards a defense desperate to add some talent. They go with a high value position and add the best CB in the draft. - Invictus
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jonathan Allen (DT, Alabama) - The Jaguars have invested heavily in the defense lately, and it hasn't been the reason they've lost. However, it is hard not to pick Allen here (assuming his medicals check out). Tom Coughlin will love him. - Chris
  5. Tennessee Titans - Jamal Adams (S, LSU) - In order for a safety to hit the top 5, he needs to be special. Adams comes close. He's a big hitter, firebrand leader, and an athletic specimen. He'll be the alpha male that the Titans need and get picked before Malik Hooker because of his polish and Hooker's injury history. - Invictus
  6. New York Jets - Garett Bolles (OT, Utah) - The Jets desperately need one of their recent quarterback prospects to pan out, and the closest thing they have to a left tackle is Kelvin Beachum, who hasn't been good since before his ACL tear. Bolles brings athleticism and nastiness to a depleted line. Their other option is Marlon Humphrey to give Todd Bolles the coverage he needs for his defense to work, but this is a deeply talented secondary draft, and not so much when it comes to offensive tackles. - Chris
  7. San Francisco Chargers - Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford) - Melvin Ingram has been franchised and the notoriously cheap franchise is unlikely to retain him after this season. That sets the stage for a potentially monstrous duo of Joey Bosa and Solomon Thomas to come in and terrorize the league for years to come. - Invictus
  8. Carolina Panthers - Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU) - The Panthers have built a big bully of an offense with freakishly large receivers to go with a freakishly big and athletic quarterback. Fournette is runs like a train full of bad intentions and should fit right in. -Chris
  9. Cincinnati Bengals - Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan) - It came down to Malik Hooker and Corey Davis for me. After losing Marvin Jones and Mohammad Sanu to free agency a year ago, the Bengals drafted promising rookie Tyler Boyd. They need more, and add a powerful possession receiver in the mold of Brandon Marshall to help out the great A.J. Green. - Invictus
  10. Buffalo Bills - Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama) - The Bills just lost a big, athletic cover corner to free agency, and it only makes sense to replace him out of a deep and talented draft. Humphrey has prototypical size and speed for the position and plenty off upside. -Chris
  11. New Orleans Saints - Christian McCaffery (RB, Stanford) - A surprise pick but McCaffery is rising up draft boards pretty rapidly. He's the total package, he's got underrated strength, has unbelievable hands out of the backfield, can run inside, can bounce it outside and has outstanding vision. A comparison to Le'Veon Bell is not necessarily out of the question. Mark Ingram is good, but think of the devastation the Saints can bring to their opponents with a weapon like this. - Invictus
  12. Cleveland Browns - Malik Hooker (FS, Ohio State) -The Browns very well could, maybe even should, secure a quarterback here. But they won't. Instead they're going to add a rangy ballhawk to take advantage of the havoc Garrett will create. With their bevy of Day 2 picks they can always deal back in to the first for a top quarterback if one falls far enough. -Chris
  13. Arizona Cardinals - Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson) - I almost went Patrick Mahomes II here because arm strength is certainly a priority for Bruce Arians. However, should Watson fall this far, he'd be hard pressed not to pull the trigger. Watson has apparently been destroying the offseason, looking very good at the combine and impressing in interviews. Multiple sources report that he was an unquestioned leader of the Clemson locker room and lead that team to a national title. Arians has made it clear that he prioritizes accountability, so Watson is as good a choice as anybody here. - Invictus
  14. Philadelphia Eagles - Darek Barnett (DE, Tennessee) - The Eagles added Chris Long in free agency, but he is only a temporary addition to their defense. Barnett is probably the most consistent defender in the draft and (fittingly) topped Reggie White's sack record as a Tennessee Volunteer. -Chris
  15. Indianapolis Colts - Reuben Foster (ILB, Alabama) - Currently, the starting inside linebackers for the Colts are Antonio Morrison and Sean Spence. Foster is the best linebacker in the NFL draft and combines the athleticism of Bobby Wagner with the attitude of Vontaze Burfict. He'll be ready to hit people in the mouth. - Invictus
  16. Baltimore Ravens - O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama) - Maxx Williams has yet to live up to his second-round pedigree, likewise Breshad Perriman has yet to live up to his first round selection. Howard has the long speed to stretch the seam and take advantage of Joe Flacco's arm, be a safety blanket, and help block for their run game. - Chris
  17. Washington Redskins - Mike Williams (WR, Clemson) - Maybe this will help Kirk Cousins re-sign? Probably not. But they did just lose Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson. They could use an alpha wide receiver to pair up with Josh Doctson in the ever growing arms race of the NFC East. - Invictus
  18. Tennessee Titans - John Ross (WR, Washington) - The Titans have cultivated a smash-mouth offense. Ross is pretty much the opposite of that, but if teams gear up to stop their running game, his incredible long speed will make defenses pay. - Chris
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ryan Ramcyzk (OT, Wisconsin) - A selection that is not often connected but certainly possible. The Buccaneers have a mediocre offensive line with Donovan Smith and Demar Dotson as their starting tackles right now. Ramcyzk could replace either of them. The Bucs know that the OL hungry Broncos and Giants are lurking, so they pounce on a legit tackle prospect while they still can. - Invictus
  20. Denver Broncos - Malik McDowell (DL, Michigan State) - There are questions about McDowell’s personality and character that could knock him out of the first. However, his talent certainly merits the pick. He could be a monster in Denver’s 1-gap attacking defensive front. - Chris
  21. Detroit Lions - Haason Reddick (LB, Temple) - The Lions have Paul Worrilow and Thurston Armbrister as the scheduled outside linebackers. They also need an EDGE presence. I see Reddick as a Jamie Collins-type player with plus pass rush skills. If he makes it this far, I can certainly the Lions swiping him in front of the Giants' nose. - Invictus
  22. Miami Dolphins - Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri) - The Dolphins signed Andre Branch to make up for utterly whiffing on Mario Williams and Olivier Vernon. However, Cameron Wake can’t keep sacking quarterbacks indefinitely. Harris isn’t much of a run defender, but his polish and first step are there. - Chris
  23. New York Giants - David Njoku (TE, Miami) - Raptor and I both felt that Njoku was the obvious pick here, and one of the few iterations where he'd be available. He's too good a talent to pass up in my opinion. At 6-foot-4, 247 pounds with 35-inch arms, he's a mismatch on the field. He's got smooth route running ability with great burst and supreme body control. His blocking is a work in progress but he's been underrated at it throughout this draft process. He provides the Giants with an elite safety valve as well as deep pass option and is the ultimate weapon for Ben McAdoo to diversify his personnel without losing any offensive firepower. An easy, easy choice.
  24. Oakland Raiders - Gareon Conley (CB, Ohio State) - Conley doesn't quite have the raw speed of the top corners in the draft, but his hips and feet are just sublime. He can change direction and stick to his man in coverage like glue. Just what the Raiders' defense needs. -Chris
  25. Houston Texans - Obi Melifonwu (FS, UConn) - A name not often mentioned in the first round, but a player that would make a ton of sense for the Houston Texans. They need an athletic monster in that backfield and with A.J. Bouye gone, Melifonwu can play CB or FS. He's a riser to watch out for. - Invictus
  26. Seattle Seahawks - Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama) - The Seahawks' offensive line makes the Giants' look elite. They need to come away with at least one building block for the future. When Robinson has his head in the game and wants to take it to a defender, he is an absolute beast. When he isn’t in feeling it, some bad habits can show up. Hopefully playing for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will keep him engaged all game, every game. -Chris
  27. Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State) - It's rare that a player that is by far best player available is also one of your bigger needs. It's possible that Cook falls this far due to off the field issues, but his talent on the field dwarfs several prospects that have already been drafted. The Chiefs took a chance on Tyreek Hill last year, will they take a prospect with issues again? - Invictus
  28. Dallas Cowboys - Tre’Davius White (CB, LSU) - The ‘boys need to add to their defense and this is the right year in which to do it. White is a talented corner from a big school who could step in after the departure of Morris Claiborne. -Chris
  29. Green Bay Packers - Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt) - Cunningham is an Alec Ogletree clone and is a whirlwind on the field. He's got athleticism and would fit perfectly as the WILB for the Packers and attack the entire field. Green Bay would then be able to keep Clay Matthews and Nick Perry outside. - Invictus
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Derek Rivers (EDGE, Youngstown State) - Rivers started making waves at the Senior Bowl and has managed to work himself into first round consideration. The Steelers might have re-signed James Harrison, but Father Time will have to get the better of him some time, right? (Don’t tell him I said that.) Rivers has great athleticism and body control, as well as the ability to rush from a two or three point stance. - Chris
  31. Atlanta Falcons - Forrest Lamp (OL, Western Kentucky) - A perfect fit for the Falcons, who have Hugh Thornton and Ryan Schraeder on the right side. Lamp can play 4 spots on the OL and would be an ideal fit in Atlanta's scheme next to Alex Mack. He reminds me quite a bit of Justin Pugh and Zack Martin, and think that he has similar upside. - Invictus
  32. New Orleans Saints - Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan) - It seems as though New Orleans is forever rebuilding their defense. Jabrill Peppers hasn’t developed yet as a safety, but he has the ability to play free safety, nickel corner, or strong safety. Sean Payton will probably have some ideas about how to use Peppers’ incredible versatility on offense as well. - Chris