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2017 Draft Results: Giants draft RB Gallman, DE Moss, OT Bisnowaty - Instant Analysis

What can the Giants expect from players they drafted on Saturday?

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The third day of the NFL Draft might not get the attention of the first two, but how a team does on Day 3 can have a huge impact on their season.

The success rate at the end of the draft isn’t high, but hitting on at least some of these picks can mean the kind of depth that can make or break a season. Early returns suggest that the New York Giants got several hits on the third day of the 2016 draft. What can they expect from the third day of the 2017 draft?

Round 4, 140th Overall - Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson

The Giants had to draft a running back at some in the 2017 draft. The class is too deep and talented, and they could use a complement for Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen.

“Solid” is the best word to describe Clemson’s Wayne Gallman. He isn’t particularly big, fast, agile, or explosive, but he is an all-around solid running back who’s consistent game kept the Clemson Tigers’ offense on schedule.

Gallman has good acceleration and quick feet to make a cut, and is well suited to a power or inside zone running scheme. Gallman is a very physical back who runs angry and looks to finish runs, giving his all every on every snap. He has good balance and enough lower body strength to run through or bounce off poor tackles. Gallman also has experience and upside in the passing game.

Gallman was a three-year starter at Clemson and lead the team in rushing in each of his three seasons. He holds the Clemson single-season rushing record and been awarded All-ACC honors in each of the last two years.

Round 5, 167th Overall - Avery Moss, DE, Youngstown State

An under-the-radar prospect who was overshadowed by his more highly regarded teammate, Moss was a name to watch for the Giants.

At 6’3”, 265 pounds with 3412-inch arms, he looks like a Giants lineman. Moss’ college career got started at Nebraska, but he was dismissed from the program after a public indecency charge. He was offered a second chance at Youngstown State and took advantage with 17.5 tackles for a loss and 11 sacks his senior season.

Moss is a well-rounded athlete who isn’t great in any one area, but brings good quickness, good agility, and good explosiveness. He uses his long arms, athleticism, fluidity, and some power to be disruptive.

With his circuitous route to the NFL he needs coaching up to learn how to use his tools to their fullest potential. Moss has the potential to eventually be a strong contributor in the Giants’ defensive line

Round 6, 200th Overall - Adam Bisnowaty, OL, Pittsburgh

The Giants finally end their two-year drought of not drafting an offensive lineman. Adam Bisnowaty was considered a potential top tackle after his junior season, but has fallen precipitously after taking a step backward in his senior season. He is a tenacious blocker from a pass-first offense, and is capable of running defenders past the pocket and opening up seams in the running game.

He looked the part of a fluid mover in his junior season but seemed stiffer his senior year. Bisnowaty was strong in some parts of his game but struggled in others. He might have been playing through an undisclosed injury his senior year, but if that is who he is, a move to guard might be necessary.