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Draft grades, reactions to Giants’ selection of Evan Engram

Let’s see what pundits around the Internet think

Memphis v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The New York Giants surprisingly selected tight end Evan Engram with the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday. As it will, the Internet quickly rendered its judgment on the work of GM Jerry Reese. Here are some of the opinions regarding the selection of Engram.

Giants fans

In our poll, results thus far indicate fans are relatively happy with the Engram pick. Seventy-eight percent of those who have voted give the selection an A or B grade, and only five percent give it an F. If you haven’t voted yet, don’t miss your chance. (Mike Mayock)

"He's a matchup nightmare. He can block on the perimeter. He'll be an immediate impact player. His skill set is closer to Mike Evans. He runs routes like a wide receiver. I don't care what you call him. Eli (Manning) is gonna say 'Wow, I love this kid.'"

Sports Illustrated gave the pick an A-:

If you happened to follow the SI draft rankings, it was Engram and not David Njoku who slotted in as this class’s No. 2 TE, behind O.J. Howard. In that context alone, this is a sneakily strong pick by GM Jerry Reese. It’s also a classic Giants pick, as it bypasses the team’s glaring need at linebacker despite Reuben Foster’s fall and Zach Cunningham’s availability. Offensive tackle could have been in the cards, too, but this pick will continue to push the Giants toward a throw-first-ask-questions-later offense. Engram, Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard … how does a defense defend this attack?

CBS Sports gave the pick a B:

They need a tight end, but I would have gone for an offensive lineman here. He is a good pass catcher.

FOX Sports says:

The Giants already added Brandon Marshall as a big target for Eli Manning, and now they have another in Engram. He runs a ridiculous 4.42 40, and defenses will be losing sleep trying to keep up with him, Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. on the same field.

ESPN says:

What He Brings

A four-year starter and two-time captain, Engram is an undersized move tight end who is never going to be a great blocker. However, he's a polished route runner whose combination of size, speed and athletic ability makes him a matchup nightmare. -- Steve Muench

How He Fits

New York's tight ends averaged an NFL-low 7.7 yards per reception last season, and Engram gives the Giants a big-play threat at that position. He also gives head coach Ben McAdoo and quarterback Eli Manning a player who can move around the formation and create favorable matchups. -- Steve Muench

Walter Football gave the pick a C+:

This seems like a bit of a reach, especially with David Njoku still available. It's not an egregious reach though, so I won't grade this selection too poorly. I think a C+ is about right, as Engram fills a big need at tight end and also provides the declining Eli Manning with an intermediate mismatch weapon. At the very worst, Engram can sell some of his memorabilia at Eli's store. In all seriousness, this is an OK pick, but with better players available, the Giants should have moved down a bit. They probably could've gotten Engram (or Njoku) a bit later.