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NFL Draft 2017: Five NY Giants questions with ... Ed and Chris

We drop some draft knowledge, or at least help you waste some time

NFL: New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So, OK, we’re fresh out of ideas here at Big Blue View to keep the content churning your way before Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft. So, what do we do? Well, Chris and I figured we’d just talk to each other and see where that went.

So, what we ended up with is a “Five Giants Draft Questions with Ed and Chris.” So, for your entertainment, education, enjoyment, or just another excuse not to do any more work today, here goes.

Ed: Let's start with this. I'm perfectly OK if Garett Bolles ends up being the choice for the Giants in Round 1 tonight. I think everybody knows how I feel about the importance of the offensive line. The only thing is I wouldn't be happy to see the Giants trade up to do that. If you're trading up, you need to do something splashier than that. Your thoughts?

Chris: I agree completely. If they trade up it should be because a top 10 talent like Jon Allen is dropping. The player you trade up for had better be as good as the player you could have gotten at your original pick and what you have up to get him.

If we're talking trades, I'd rather trade down if a QB is there and a team wants to jump Houston.

Ed: Let's talk QBs, since you touched on it. I've heard a couple of times, including once this afternoon, that Ben McAdoo loves Patrick Mahomes. That scares me because Mahomes is a huge boom/bust guy. Really, though, I just think the Giants should add a player in Round 1 who will play and help Eli Manning, not sit behind him. Agree or disagree? And feel free to talk about Mahomes a bit.

Chris: I can see how a coach can fall in love with Mahomes. He has all the raw ability McAdoo could ask for, and the Giants have time to develop it. And on top of that, he's just a blast for a football fan to watch. He very well could see a situation similar to the Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers to understudy Brett Favre.

But I think I would rather they wait in the draft. I think the whole "one piece away" argument is something fans tell themselves to feel better after a disappointing end. But I do believe the Giants are close enough to being a legitimate contender that they should invest their premium picks in players who will help them win now. That way they would maximize Eli's remaining years and also have solid core for their next QB, whether he is a Dobbs or Evans this year or someone early next year.

Ed: You mocked Tyus Bowser of Houston to the Giants. The more I've thought about this the more I think if the Giants don't go OL an EDGE guy who can both play standing up on the outside and occasionally put his hand in the ground as a 4-3 DE makes a ton of sense. Tell us a little more about Bowser, and quickly anyone else who might fit that role.

Chris: Bowser is flat out one of the most athletic players in this draft. He can play standing up and looks comfortable dropping into coverage, but he can also play on the line of scrimmage with his hand in the dirt. His tape is uneven, but when he puts everything together he is dynamic. The next guy to look at is T.J. Watt from Wisconsin. He is more of a down-hill guy, but he is fluid, explosive, and has a wide-open motor. The reason I went with Bowser over Watt is his (Watt's) injury history. They could also look at Derek Rivers of Youngstown State for the same role.

Ed: Let's talk about Jabrill Peppers. You listed him as a dark horse for the 23rd pick, and a couple of writers today have said Peppers would be a possibility if the Giants miss out on their primary targets. I'm not in favor of Peppers because I don't think he's very good at the line of scrimmage, where Landon Collins is outstanding, and simply don't see what role he would play. What the heck would the Giants do with the guy?

Chris: That is a question Jerry Reese, McAdoo, and Spags are paid very well to figure out lol! I don't see Peppers as a linebacker, and I think it only worked in college because he is such a dynamic athlete. However, I did like what I saw from him when I went back and watched his 2015 tape as a safety. So, my answer would be to look at something like a 4-2-5 (Buffalo Nickle) base defense. Peppers might not have Thompson's skill as a free safety, but he can legitimately play man coverage in the slot and was surprisingly good at sniffing out screens, play-action, and trick plays. He, Collins, and Thompson are all bigger safeties and it would give Spags some interesting option for his daring blitz schemes.

-- And besides, after apparently getting their 3rd round picks from the same Acme store that Wile E Coyote gets his roadrunner traps, could we really blame the Giants for not wanting to put all (or even most) of their eggs in Darian Thompson's basket? I like him and am excited about him, but history is not on his side.

Ed: Last topic, and it only requires a 1-2 word response. The Cleveland Browns are [BLANK] if they pass on Myles Garrett for Mitchell Trubisky?

Chris: "Browns-ing it up"

Of course, I did mock that to happen, so maybe I should say "absolutely brilliant".