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2017 NFL Draft: Round 1 live blog, picks, highlights, news

Track and discuss the first round right here

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft
MItchell Trubisky with his Bears jersey.
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Hello there! Welcome to our running live commentary on the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Throughout the night there’s going to be a lot of coverage on what the Giants might and will do on this site. This space here is going to be for everything else. That’s a lot, sure! But together we can handle it.

Below we’re going to be tracking every pick and trade, commenting on the picks and trades both made and not made, and giving some overall thoughts until the end of the round. Refresh this page throughout the night and new content will pop up. Click the link below to the SB Nation NFL Draft Tracker for a complete list of the picks as they happen. This doesn’t have to be a monologue, though I’m caffeinated up and ready to go. If you have some questions or comments, type them in below or send them to me on Twitter @DanPizzuta. Let’s get ready to have some fun!

SB Nation NFL Draft Tracker

12:01 We made it! That was a fairly interesting draft, especially early on. Let’s get a few parting thoughts here:

  • Cleveland had a great night. Those three picks are going to be a foundation of how this roster grows.
  • Desperation at QB: Teams that needed a quarterback paid a hefty price to do so. All three of the QBs selected in the first round were results of a trade up.
  • This class was considered deep at cornerback and edge rushers. Five corners and seven edge rushers went. There’s still talent at those positions for Day 2.
  • Wide receiver is less deep with immediate impact talent and the top three went within the first nine picks. Receivers left on the board can play, but they’ll fit into more defined roles. We previewed three guys here.
  • Evan Engram was a surprise pick for the Giants, but he adds a needed element to the offense that’s going to be really hard to defend.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and putting up with all of these thoughts throughout the night. Hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing it. It was a long night and there’s still two more days of this to go. No plans to be back on the live blog, but there will be plenty of content all around the draft.

11:46: And the Saints close it out with Ryan Ramczyk. The New Orleans offensive line was pretty strong last season, but O-line is another one of those positions where there’s never too much talent. And they already had a nice night having Lattimore slip to them at 11 to improve the defense.

11:40: San Francisco had a really good night. They got incredible value for the second pick. Got who they would have taken at 2 with the third pick in Solomon Thomas and then grabbed a top-5 talent at 31 in Reuben Foster. This is the first extended look we’ve seen with John Lynch as GM and it was really impressive.

11:37: The Steelers go with T.J. Watt. He’s pretty athletic — he had a 104.2 Speed Score, which was 13th among edge rushers in this class. He can be a nice chess piece in that Steelers offense that’s been trying to get younger over the past few years.

11:34: This is a great tribute to Dan Rooney, one of the most influential owners in the league.

11:28: The Browns are making some moves, as they take David Njoku. They didn’t like the quarterback options, but what they did was make the situation for whoever does play quarterback way better. The upgraded the OL in free agency, signed Kenny Britt, and now there’s some defensive playmakers on the other side. Cleveland rebuilding in a really fun, smart, and interesting way. These are not the same old Browns.

11:22: So here we go with the final pick in the NFC East. The Cowboys pick Taco Charlton. A pass rusher was the clear pick there. One thing as we leave the division for the night. The Dallas and Philly secondaries are not great right now. There is still defensive back talent on the board. But as it is now, it’s going to be hard for them to defend what the Giants are going to running out there with Engram in the fold.

11:19: If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the reaction piece to the Giants taking Evan Engram at 23.

11:16: Browns trading back up into the first-round for a third pick tonight. Certainly possible that’s for a quarterback — DeShone Kizer? — to get that fifth-year option.


11:11: Takk McKinley is amped up.

11:10: Two pretty smart moves just made. The Browns have holes all over the defense, so they got a guy in Jabrill Peppers who could fill multiple holes. Then the Falcons traded up to take a pass rusher they desperately needed to put on the other side of Vic Beasley.

10:59: Oakland really needed help in the secondary and Gareon Conley is a really talented corner. Obviously there’s still a lot of uncertainty involving the off-field ramifications of this pick, but it appears the team is comfortable with how that’s going to play out. We’ll wait and see.

10:55: Here’s the thing about Engram. He’s a matchup nightmare. He spent most of his time in the slot and defensive backs can’t cover him.

10:49: And the pick is Evan Engram. If you read Ed this morning, you could have seen this pick coming. It’s an interesting one, especially over David Njoku, but he’s can be a matchup nightmare and could really cause trouble in this offense. There’s going to be a lot more about this pick on the site. We’ll get into it more here too, but we’ll also keep moving on with the draft.


10:37: With the way the draft board fell, sure there’s some targets gone, but it’s going to be hard to be upset with whoever the Giants take at 23. They should be getting a pretty good player.

10:31: And there goes Bolles. Two Giants’ targets with back-to-back picks. They’re still have some good options, though. Whichever linebacker Detroit probably doesn’t pick, Njoku, and Forrest Lamp.

10:29: Howard is going to be a bit of a projection in the passing game because he was underutilized, but he’s super athletic and a heck of a blocker, in-line and in the open field.

10:28: Well, that thought was fun for like 10 minutes. Howard is a great fit in Tampa. The Bucaneers had the second most plays with at least two tight ends on the field last season. Now that becomes Cameron Brate and Howard. That’s a fun duo to go with Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson on the outside.

10:18: As we creep towards pick 20, O.J. Howard is still on the board, which no one imagined. We’re getting to the point where the Giants trading up shouldn’t take a massive haul to do it. I’m typically against moving up, but this might be a good exception.

10:16: So we’ve now gotten two other NFC East teams in with picks and those results probably could have been worse. Philly took Derek Barnett, but their pass rush was probably going to be great regardless. Washington might have just gotten a steal with Jonathan Allen, but the rest of their defense still needs some work.

10:08: Baltimore was pretty solid on the outside last season. Eighth in DVOA against No. 1 receivers and seventh against No. 2’s, though there were 23rd against “others.” But you can never have too many cornerbacks and Marlon Humphrey is definitely going to be an upgrade in that secondary.

10:00: Malik Hooker to the Colts might be one of the best values of the night. The Colts can use help just about everywhere on the defense and Hooker was expected to be at least a top-10 pick, if not higher.

9:52: Cool moment in Philly where a pick from Temple is going right into the Eagles’ pick. Crowd is wild.

9:47: Reddick wins in so many different ways. This is a great fit.

9:41: Arizona was a team that could have used a developmental quarterback, but now’s not a time to reach for another one. Could see Haason Reddick or O.J. Howard here. I’d love to see a legitimate tight end in that Arizona offense. That’s some good value that wouldn’t have been expected to be here earlier today.

9:38: Give a lot of credit to Cleveland. They clearly don’t like the quarterbacks this year so they’re not going crazy for one even though they could use an upgrade. They just got another 2018 first-rounder, so they now have five picks in the first two rounds (two 1’s, three 2’s) next year.

Cleveland is doing the exact opposite of other QB needy teams. All three quarterbacks have been traded up for and a lot has been given up in those trades.

9:33: The interesting thing about Marshon Lattimore dropping to No. 11 is how it impacts the rest of what’s considered a deep cornerback class. By this point most mocks had two or three corners gone by now. There’s going to be some good defensive back talent available late in the first and early second.

9:26: Oh, that’s an exciting thought.

9:22: This is what you’re hoping for with Mahomes. More of these plays:

9:20: Another trade! Kansas City moving up for Patrick Mahomes, hopping in front of Arizona. They gave up quite a bit! By AV, picks 27 and 91 are just about equal to No. 10 and the Chiefs gave up a 2018 first rounder too.

Mahomes probably has the highest upside of these quarterbacks and a year to sit and learn is probably the best for him. The Andy Reid system should be a pretty good fit.

9:15: Bengals were second in offensive DVOA in 2015, but dropped to 11th in 2016 after most of the supporting cast left. Surrounding Dalton with weapons is the best option. A.J. Green and John Ross together is not going to be fun for opposing defenses.

9:10: Just look what McCaffrey can do as a wide receiver. It’s incomplete, but by no fault of him.

9:06: Christian McCaffrey is the perfect fit in Carolina. Runs well from shotgun, can be their slot receiver. He’s going to see a lot of touches in that offense.

9:03: The top two receivers are gone early. Mike Williams is a nice addition, especially if Keenan Allen comes back healthy. He’s not going to run away from a lot of people, but he has the biggest catch radius in the class.

8:53: Yup. So much NFL talent every year.


8:44: Second shock of the night with Tennessee taking Corey Davis. There were concerns about him not being able to test throughout the process, but apparently the Titans didn’t care. Getting another weapon for Marcus Mariota is great. Titans were already ninth in passing DVOA last season. That could be a really big add.

8:38: I don’t get the Fournette pick at all. He can’t run from shotgun and Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon were two of the most shotgun-heavy runners in the league last season. So now if the Jaguars feel like they need to redo the offense to hide their quarterback, why not just upgrade the quarterback?

8:32: Solomon Thomas projects as a Michael Bennett-like player. A bigger edge rusher who can rush from the interior on passing downs. I’m not sure how he fits with the likes of Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, but those are some good players on that line. This is clearly the player the Niners wanted and they got a ton of picks to go along with him.

8:25: WOW. So the Bears give up a lot to move up one spot: 3, 67, 111, and a 2018 third-round pick. By the AV trade chart, San Francisco just got 132.4 percent return on just the 2017 picks. That’s a great move by the first-year GM there. Then the Bears take Trubisky after spending at least $16 million on Mike Glennon during the offseason. That’s interesting.

8:19: Well, the draft really starts here and we’ll have to wait a little to see what San Francisco does. They traded back one spot to the Bears.

8:15: So there goes Myles Garrett, no surprise. The really starts here at No. 2 where no one knows what the 49ers are thinking. Not only is there not a clear No. 2 player, there’s a new GM and new head coach so there’s not even a trend we can follow to make a guess.

8:10: Unsurprisingly the Commish got booed by the Philly crowd. His accepting it and asking them to get louder probably won’t go well for him the rest of the night.


7:55: This is going to be mostly about everything going on in the draft and there will be a lot of Giants-central stuff going up elsewhere on the site, but we’ll still keep a Giants outlook on some things. The latest rumors swirling is with the Giants’ interest in Patrick Mahomes. Ben McAdoo worked him out privately, but there’s also reports Mahomes is going to be picked in the top-10. It seems that match is going to be unlikely.

7:45: There’s not going to be any pick-tipping here -- this probably won’t be updated quickly enough even if we wanted to -- but reports are already out from the afternoon that the Browns have already notified Myles Garrett that he’ll be the first overall pick. That comes from a lot of speculation there was still a chance they would take Mitchell Trubisky. Here’s where I stand on this:

Over the past few weeks there were conflicting reports about which sides the front office and coaching staff were on in the Garrett-Trubisky battle. I have a hard time believing Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta were ever on the Trubisky side. It feels like ownership was always the biggest voice pounding the table for the QB. He just doesn’t fit the profile of a quarterback an analytics-heavy system would target. The rumors of Cleveland wanting to trade up from 12 for Trubisky feel like the front office appeasing ownership without punting away the No. 1 pick.

I think the front office might realize they won’t win both battles against the owner and they’re more comfortable giving up a a Day 2 asset to move up from 12 to get the guy the owner wants over taking him at 1 and trying to get a difference maker at 12.

This concludes what will probably be the longest update of the night.

7:30: We’re about a half hour away from getting this started. We’ll really kick up the content here when everything kicks off at 8. Before we get started, let’s get on the same page. What’s everyone watching tonight? We’ll make some observations about the broadcast, too, so I’ll at least start with the one the majority is watching.


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