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Five things I think I think, draft preview edition

Some of my thoughts about how the Giants might approach the draft

NFL: Combine
David Njoku
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What will the New York Giants do with the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL Drat? Darned if I know at this point. So many things can happen before the Giants are on the clock that it’s impossible to be certain. That, however, doesn’t mean I can’t read some tea leaves, drink some draft Kool-Aid and try to make some educated guesses. Thus, it’s time for a a draft week version of “Five things I think I think.”

What’s the deal with David Njoku?

In today’s notebook, I mentioned that SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano sees “mixed signals” coming from the Giants about their interest or lack of interest in Miami tight end David Njoku. I see the same thing.

I had one source indicate to me that the Giants “like him quite a bit.” Another indicated that the Giants like Njoku, but appear to be focused more on some of the tight ends commonly ranked below Njoku.

I’m not even sure Njoku will be on the board at 23. My guess is he could end up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 19 if they can’t bring themselves to draft Dalvin Cook or with the Detroit Lions at 21, where there is some talk they want to move on from Eric Ebron.

If he is there? At one time, I thought selecting him would be a no-brainer. Now? I think it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Giants go offensive tackle, linebacker or pass rusher even if Njoku is available.

A trade at 23?

In his “Monday Morning Quarterback” column this week, Peter King said he would not be surprised to the see the Giants move up into the teens to select an offensive tackle. I don’t know if that is King’s personal opinion, or if some of the folks he knows around the league are whispering that expectation into his ear. My personal opinion is that I would still be surprised if the Giants were to move up.

In 10 drafts, Reese has never made a move in Round 1. That doesn’t mean he won’t, it just means it would take an extraordinary circumstance. He said last week he would move up if there was a player the Giants were “dying for” who was within reach. Remember, though, he also said “we like taking our picks.”

Could the Giants really be so enamored with one of the top three offensive linemen (Garett Bolles, Cam Robinson, Ryan Ramczyk) that they would move up to get one? Maybe, but I have my doubts. Would they move up for one of the tight ends (O.J. Howard or David Njoku)? Again, I have my doubts.

The end of Round 1, picks 20-32, could be really interesting Thursday night. I believe it’s more likely the Giants would move down with one of the teams below them in Round 1, collect at least one extra pick, and stay at the bottom of the first round that actually move up. Where they could move up, at least the way I see things unfolding, is into the top of Round 2.

Truth is, nobody really knows. That, right now though, is what I think.

Giving credit where it’s due

The summary below of the Giants’ draft plans comes from ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan. I happen to agree with it, so I think I’ll just let his words tell the story:

The Giants pick 23rd overall in the first round. They don't have any eye-popping needs but can use an upgrade at linebacker, offensive line, running back, tight end, defensive tackle, cornerback depth and a quarterback of the future. They can also likely survive if they don't add any specific position. They can always fill out their roster with another veteran free agent and be OK at pretty much any position.

It doesn't mean the Giants don't want to leave this draft with at least one or two new offensive linemen. That would be preferable, especially since they're admittedly going to "experiment" on the line this spring. The plan is to throw as many competent offensive linemen into the mix, try them at different positions and see what the best combination is.

It's not ideal but it's how the Giants -- as currently composed -- are set to move forward. They're not going to get antsy and force a pick at any particular position come Thursday.

About the LeGarrette Blount rumors

I addressed some of my thoughts about the Giants possibly signing Blount earlier, but I wanted to reiterate a couple of draft-related thoughts.

I really do not believe that if the Giants sign Blount that would take running back out of consideration for them in the draft. Even if Blount signs I think the Giants would consider Christian McCaffrey in Round 1, just because of the number of things he can do.

Blount is 30 and a short-term solution. I believe that if the Giants really like one of the power backs in the class like Samaje Perine, James Conner or even Corey Clement that they would go ahead and take one,

Props to Chris

I think I don’t do this often enough, but as we get close to the draft I really need to give props to Chris Pflum. If you went through the volume of draft coverage I listed on Monday, much of that is Chris’s work. By Thursday, 100 prospect profiles, a series on needs and fits, work on our Big Board and much more.

He has my thanks for all of that. I certainly hope he also has yours, whether you agree with his opinions or not.