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New York Giants news, 4/20: GM Jerry Reese to talk draft on Thursday

Will GM drop any hints about team’s draft plans?

NFL: Combine
Jerry Reese
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New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese will conduct his annual pre-draft press conference on Thursday. That, however, doesn’t mean that once Reese is done answering questions we will have a clearer picture of what the Giants’ intentions are in the draft.

Reese is famously guarded about his plans. I have jokingly written about his penchant for cliches many times, but it is the truth. Reese will tell us that the Giants will “keep all of our options open” when he is inevitably asked about making a first-round trade, which he has never done. He will say that he is just hoping to “good players” and to pick the “best player available” when it is the Giants’ turn. He will say, again, that the organization is aware it needs to find an heir to Eli Manning, but that Manning has a few years of good football left.

In-between the cliches and the non-answers, though, might lie a few hints. We will look for those when Reese meets the media this afternoon. Be sure to come on back for our takeaways on Reese’s remarks.

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This is the wrong draft for Giants to save their offensive line | NY Post

Everybody has a viewpoint on whether or not the Giants can find offensive line help in this draft. Here is Paul Schwartz of the Post:

There is a general consensus that the three top offensive line prospects are Cam Robinson of Alabama, Ryan Ramczyk of Wisconsin and Garett Bolles of Utah. All three could go in the first round. The problem is, the Giants are not enamored with any of the three. ...

A year ago, the Giants had Jack Conklin of Michigan State graded as one of the three best players in the entire draft and anticipated having a shot at him when their pick came around at No. 10. It did not work out that way: The Titans traded up to No. 8 and took Conklin, who went on to prove the Giants’ lofty assessment of him was on the mark, named to the NFL All-Pro team as a rookie.

The Giants saw Conklin as a can’t-miss right tackle prospect, but do not view any of the offensive linemen in this year’s draft as anywhere near that stature. Robinson, a three-year starter for the Crimson Tide, is far and away the most experienced of the top three. Ramczyk and Bolles were only one-year starters and thus are greater risks.