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NFL Draft: Is Cam Robinson the best offensive tackle in this class?

SB Nation’s Stephen White think he’s better than Ryan Ramczyk

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Cam Robinson
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A few months ago, mention the name of Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson and the reviews were mostly negative. He’s another Ereck Flowers. He can’t pass protect well enough to play left tackle. He doesn’t move well enough, he’ll have to play guard in the NFL.

Well, the closer we have gotten to next week’s 2017 NFL Draft the more the negative reviews on Robinson are taking a back seat. More and more, you hear Robinson mentioned as one of the three best offensive tackles in the class, with some saying he is the best. NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock is one of those who has insisted that Robinson will be a guard in the NFL. In his most recent position rankings, though, Mayock had Robinson listed as the best TACKLE in this draft class.

The possibility that the New York Giants could draft Robinson at No. 23 seems stronger now than it did several weeks ago.

Add SB Nation’s Stephen White, a former NFL defensive lineman, to the list of believers in Robinson.

When White, who admittedly does not watch a ton of college football during the season, studied tape of Wisconsin’s Ryan Ramczyk, considered by some the best tackle in the draft class, he came away unimpressed. White said he simply “wasn't blown away by his tape.”

Not so with Robinson.

White was particularly impressed when watching Robinson against Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett, the presumptive No. 1 pick, and Tennessee’s Derek Barnett, another defensive end who should be selected in the first round.

When it came to Garrett and Barnett, Robinson didn't always look pretty doing it, but most of the time, he got the job done. And that is impressive when you consider how different Garrett and Barnett are as pass rushers. Robinson was consistently able to handle Garrett's power rushes as well as Barnett's speed rushes. ...

I didn't see any other left tackle handle either guy the way Robinson did both. And there isn't a thing that I want my left tackle to be able to do that I didn't see Robinson do on a high level. He can drive people off the ball, he's good blocking people out in space, he makes pass blocking look way too easy, and he plays with a little edge to him.

White said the biggest problem he saw with Robinson, one he won’t have in the NFL, was that he looked “genuinely bored” because the competition wasn’t good enough.

If you can get Robinson to play just a tad bit harder all the time, you probably will have a a perennial All-Pro left tackle. But hell, even with some of the effort issues here and there, Robinson's tape simply blows Ramczyk's tape out the damn water!

I just don't see a thing Ramczyk currently does better than Robinson, aside from not getting arrested. I don't see Ramczyk having nearly as high a ceiling. I can’t find a rationale for picking Ramczyk over Robinson, but it’s not my pick. ...

Robinson's tape was what I expected to see when I turned on Ramczyk's. So if you are asking me who the best left tackle is of the two, I don't think there's any question that it’s Robinson. Hands down. End of discussion. (And that's before you e’em get to Ramcyzk coming off of injury/surgery.) ...

I believe Robinson is the total package, no matter where you put him, and whether he goes before Ramczyk or not, he has top-half-of-the-first talent.

Maybe there is a guy out there who is better tackle prospect than Robinson, but it ain't Ramczyk, and, all things being equal off the field, I think most teams will live to regret it if they choose Ramczyk before Robinson.