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NFC East Notebook: Tony Romo teams with Dirk Nowitzki

Romo to the Dallas Mavericks, Malcolm Jenkins talks Donald Trump

Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The New York Giants had been relatively quiet since signing Brandon Marshall and re-signing Jason Pierre-Paul to a long-term deal — until this past week. News of Johnathan Hankins signing with the Indianapolis Colts was immediately followed by reports accusing Eli Manning of fraudulently passing off memorabilia as game-worn to collectors. Neither situation is good, to be sure. Can the Giants replace Big Hank’s production or will keeping the rest of the line in tact be enough to plug in anyone and mask the dropoff? What long-term effect will this memorabilia story have on Eli, whose been Teflon in New York/New Jersey for close to a decade-and-a-half? The fallout remains to be seen. There’s plenty going on in the rest of the division to focus on today too. Let’s spin the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo’s Fun Day As A Maverick | BtB

Tony Romo was honored Tuesday night as he suited up and went through warm ups with the Dallas Mavericks. It was a touching moment that reminded us all that the fans of Dallas truly love their former quarterback. And from the smile on his face, he loves them right back.

Tony Romo retired from football less than two weeks ago, but he’s been more active in that short period of time than he’d been the previous two years. Romo joined the CBS NFL broadcast team and the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks for their last regular season game. It was a unique but honorable sendoff, giving Romo an opportunity to say goodbye to Dallas sports fans. But did he have to wear the warm-ups and sit on the Mavs’ bench for the entire game? I may be nitpicking, but it seems like an intro and speech at half-court would also have sufficed.

Philadelphia Eagles

Malcolm Jenkins joined The Ringer to talk about Donald Trump | BGN

The topic of Donald Trump is one that is polarizing across the country and that divisiveness has manifested itself in the NFL. The league has thousands of people from all walks of life and Donald Trump’s rhetoric touches each player in a different way. For Jenkins, he expressed his fear regarding Trump’s rhetoric surrounding police interactions with the community and his general understanding of how black communities function.

Freedom of speech is afforded to all across the United States but many hold professional athletes to a different standard. Just play the game, don’t dance in the end-zone, shake hands at the end and keep your opinions to yourself, or so it seems to go. Robert Kraft proclaimed his New England Patriots will never add Joe Mixon to their roster for his past assault on a female, and understandably, there isn’t much resistance. On the contrary, Colin Kaepernick received backlash for taking a stand (no pun intended) against police brutality, particularly against African-American men, and may now be out of the league altogether.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, undeterred by the possible ramifications, has shown support for Kaepernick and continued to speak about the issue. Some will agree with Jenkins and some will not, but beyond being a professional athlete, he’s an African-American man with his own worldviews and experiences. He had this to say about president Donald Trump.

“Now you have a president who, so far, has not mentioned anything about criminal justice reform, has talked about stop-and-frisk, has talked about sending more police to Chicago, [has made] more executive orders to back and support police without doing anything to back and support communities, [and] has talked about cutting the budget that includes community and police relationship-building.”

Washington Redskins

Redskins OLB Junior Galette arrested for disorderly conduct | HH

Galette, 29, was arrested Friday night on accusations of disorderly conduct and failure to comply with police orders following a fight at the MGM Park minor-league baseball stadium in Biloxi, Mississippi, according to television station WLOX.

Galette's attorney, Ralph Whalen, confirmed Monday night that he had been notified of his client's arrest but otherwise couldn't comment on the specifics of the case.

There isn’t a whole lot going on with the ‘Skins in the aftermath of the Scot McCloughan soap opera; mostly draft news, draft rumors and mock draft results. News of Junior Galette’s arrest shook things up for a bit earlier this week. According to the Washington Post, Galette was tased and arrested after a fight at spring break event in Mississippi, but no charges were filed. In a similar situation in 2013, Galette was captured on video fighting a group of men and women on a beach.

In an interesting and unrelated note, Galette was a guest on New York podcaster and hip hop personality Daryl “Taxstone” Campbell’s show, Tax Season, last year. Campbell was arrested in January for his role in a Manhattan club shooting at Irving Plaza.