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Bucky Brooks: Giants must prioritize offensive tackle in NFL Draft

Will the draft turn out that way?

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Cam Robinson
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What will New York Giants GM Jerry Reese do with the 23rd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft? Who will he select? Will he trade the pick, and would that be to go up or down? Inquiring minds in both the media and the fan base would like to know. For now, though, all we can do is speculate and — for our part — try to provide you with the best educated guesses we can.

Reality is, we don’t know. There are 22 teams in front of the Giants in the draft and roughly a gazillion possibilities as to how those picks might turn out. draft analyst Bucky Brooks knows what he would do if he was in Reese’s shoes. Brooks said Wednesday during a conference call that he would take the best offensive tackle on the board.

“With the New York Giants, they typically build their team up front. I'm thinking offensive line, defensive line is probably the way to go,” Brooks said. “Really offensive line when you look at their void on the edges, I believe they look to get a people mover, someone who is athletic enough to play left tackle so they can move somebody to the right. It allows them to look at [Ryan] Ramczyk, Garett Bolles, maybe Cam Robinson. Cam Robinson to me would be more of a natural right tackle. I believe they have to focus on finding an offensive lineman that can come in and start and allow their offense to be complete.”

Robinson, incidentally, appears to be gaining traction in this tackle class. Mike Mayock, who previously listed Robinson as a guard in the NFL, now has him as the top tackle in the draft class in his updated positional rankings.

Many would likely agree with Brooks’ assessment, even in a vacuum where we have no idea what other players would be available.

How about you? Is offensive line the way to go no matter who is on the board? Is it an “acceptable” fall back in none of the offensive weapons (O.J. Howard, Christian McCaffrey, David Njoku) are still available? Would you rather the Giants didn’t touch any of the top tackles?

Let us know.