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VIDEO: Mid-to late-round wide receivers who could outproduce draft slot

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Could any of these guys be Giants?

Wide receiver isn’t an immediate need for the New York Giants. In this draft class, that’s probably a good thing. The draft might be void of the top-tier talent of past classes, but there’s also enough talent that can be developed in the later rounds. With Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard, and Brandon Marshall as the top three heading into the 2017 season, any drafted receiver won’t immediately have to play a big role barring injury.

This class, though, does have a decent amount of talented receivers who could grow into more bigger roles as time goes on. In the Giants’ case, these players could potentially slot in as the fourth or fifth receiver and could give the team an eventual replacement for the 33-year-old Marshall.

The video above takes a look at three of them: Josh Reynolds of Texas A&M, Jalen Robinette of Air Force, and Amba Etta-Tawo of Syracuse.

Another thanks to Draft Breakdown, from which these clips are pulled.