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What’s going on with Johnathan Hankins Apparently nothing, still

Hankins still unsigned, and as far as we know the Giants are still waiting for an answer

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Johnathan Hankins
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Amazingly, Johnathan Hankins remains a man without an NFL team to call his own. More than a month after the (former? ex? future? in limbo?) New York Giants defensive tackle hit the free agent market looking for a huge pay day he still does not have a job.

There is, it seems, complete silence on the Hankins market. If you can call it a market. We reported a month ago that several teams had shown interest in the 25-year-old defensive, including the Philadelphia Eagles. Put off by Hankins’ apparent demands for a contract in the $10 million a year range, teams initially thought to be suitors have all moved on.

Even the pectoral injury suffered by Eagles’ defensive tackle Beau Allen does not appear to have rekindled Philadelphia’s interest in Hankins. Allen, the team’s third tackle, is expected to be ready in September.

It is believed that the Giants have had an offer to Hankins on the table for weeks now. What that offer is and why Hankins and his representatives seemingly continue to believe they will find a better one somewhere remain unknown.

Hankins is the only key player from last season’s dominant defense who has yet to return to the Giants. At least one of those players is anxious for Hankins to re-sign.

The Giants begin OTAs on April 18 — next week. The 2017 NFL Draft is less than three weeks away. You have to believe the Giants would like a resolution to this situation, one way or the other, before the start of the draft.