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Draft, JPP, Brandon Marshall and more — it’s mailbag time!

Let’s see what questions we have this week

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It’s Saturday, and that means it is Big Blue View Mailbag time. Let’s see what questions came in this week.

Ed says: OK, so the cop-out answer is that I can’t really answer that question until I see what happens in free agency. In other words, if the Giants sign a starting-caliber tackle in free agency then I think that takes tackle off the board in Round 1. All things being equal, and not knowing how that turns out, if Ramczyk is on the board I’m not passing on him.

David Matuozzi asks: Now that the Giants have used the non-exclusive tag on JPP, what do you think the chances are of another team making him an offer and surrendering 2 1st round draft picks to us?

Ed says: Slim to none. Pierre-Paul is a good player, but is he a franchise-changing guy who guarantees a team a Super Bowl title if they sign him? No. I would be shocked/flabbergasted/dumbfounded/astonished if anyone would sign JPP to a monster contract AND give up two first-round picks. That’s just plain bad business.

Ed says: Honestly, I really don’t know. It is the offseason and the Giants haven’t updated that information. Thompson had a season-ending Lisfranc injury that required surgery. Foot injuries are always tricky, and there is always a danger of re-occurrence. We will have a better idea of the expectations for Thompson once the Giants get back to work in a few weeks.

Jim Berti asks: Does signing Brandon Marshall sound like a good move?

Ed says: I got this question a number of times, and a number of different ways. I do not believe the Giants should sign Marshall, and I explained why Friday. I fully realize many disagree, and that many other Giants writers have taken the opposite position. We’ll see what happens.

Alex Szypulski asks: How big of a deal is Fournette's 28.5" vertical? Enough to where he might slip to #23? One can only dream.

Ed says: I think this is a much bigger deal. He is easily the most freakish athlete among the running backs. He’s not getting close to 23.

Kevin Lafaso asks: Do you think the giants and Jpp reach a long term deal before free agency starts next week?

Ed says: I think the Giants would like that because it would free up a bit of cap space they could use during the first wave of free agency. I have serious doubts that it will happen, though. Why should Pierre-Paul be in a hurry? There are several other defensive ends who got tagged. See how the market develops. If you’re JPP, you don’t want to sign a deal and then watch other guys get more.