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McAdoo talks offensive line, Geno Smith, need for a bigger door, more

Coach meets the press at NFL owners meetings

NFL: Combine
Ben McAdoo
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo was scheduled to meet with media at the NFL owners meetings on Wednesday, but did so instead on Tuesday afternoon. The coach was in good form, and had a few interesting nuggets to pass along.

Here are a few of the things he discussed.

McAdoo had plenty to say about potential offensive line configurations.

Of course McAdoo busted out his favorite cliche.

“Kudos” to Pat Traina for this one.

Apparently, the Giants need some interior design help, because McAdoo seems to need a wider office door.

A little more Marshall.

Maybe the coach does read Giants stories on the Internet.

Speaking of fullback ...

Geno Smith as heir to Eli Manning? Of course, McAdoo didn’t say “never.”

McAdoo had more to say about the former New York Jets quarterback.

McAdoo said he is staying out of the Johnathan Hankins situation.

What could the Giants do better? Apparently, it’s a long list.