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Josh Dobbs the right mid-round quarterback for the Giants?

McShay lauds Tennessee QB, talks 2017 draft

Tennessee v South Carolina
Josh Dobbs
Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

On the heels of releasing his third NFL mock draft, in which he selected Wisconsin offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk at No. 23 for the New York Giants, Todd McShay addressed 2017 NFL Draft questions in a media conference call on Wednesday.

There were several topics which, while not all directly addressing the Giants, are of interest to Big Blue and their fans. Here are a few.

Josh Dobbs a QB to watch

The idea that the Giants need to begin looking for and developing a long-term replacement for Eli Manning has been discussed a number of times. Thus, there is a possibility that the Giants could select a quarterback in the middle rounds of the draft. McShay believes Tennessee’s Josh Dobbs is a player who could pay dividends.

“I didn’t expect to like Josh Dobbs when I sat down to watch the tape based on the disappointment that Tennessee had in terms of wins and losses and some of the frustrations that he had, but the more I watch the tape the more I like the guy,” McShay said.

“I thought he was really good at the Senior Bowl. When he got some pro coaching and worked on the timing and mechanics with his feet … I think if he gets in the right place, because of his intelligence, his athleticism and his better than anticipated accuracy I think he’s got a chance to be a solid starter in the league. I really, truly believe that.

“He and Nate Peterman from Pitt are the two most underrated quarterbacks in this class.”

Replacements for Johnathan Hankins

There is still a possibility that defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, who doesn’t seem to be finding the lucrative free agent market he expected, could end up back with the Giants.

If the Giants need to replace him, McShay rattled off five players (Caleb Brantley, Malik McDowell, Jaleel Johnson, Chris Wormley and MOntravius Adams) who could fill the 3-tech role.

McShay said McDowell “might be the most talented interior defensive lineman” and will come off the board between picks 10 and 25. He said that Johnson “could be one of the most underrated guys in this draft.”

Outstanding running back class

McShay said the 2017 running back class could rival the 2008 draft class that saw five backs taken in the first round, Ray Rice and Matt Forte go in the second round and Jamaal Charles in the third round.

The running back who would appear to be at least a possibility for the Giants at 23 in Christian McCaffrey. McShay, though, sounds like he believes McCaffrey could be gone before the Giants pick.

Christian McCaffrey will continue to rise as we get closer to the draft,” McShay said. “He put up explosive numbers at the combine that you were hoping to see based off of the tape and I thought they were even better than what the projections were. His character is off the charts, his versatility and his work ethic.”