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“Snowpocalypse Day” podcast: Talking Giants football

What else is there to do on a snowy day?

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What else is there for a couple of snowed-in football writers to do on a miserable day other than talk a little football. So it is that Pat Traina (Inside Football) and yours truly put together a new episode of the Big Blue Chat podcast on Tuesday.

There are, of course, lots of things going on with the New York Giants. We touched on many of them:

  • The resigning of John Jerry, and the competition for jobs that will ensue on the right side of the offensive line.
  • The free agent situation with Johnathan Hankins, and some speculation on why he remains on the market.
  • Thoughts on the Giants possibly losing linebacker Keenan Robinson, and how that might impact the draft.
  • The “move Justin Pugh to tackle” argument.

Give the show a listen below. We kept this one short, so it won’t take a big chunk of your day. You can also get the show on your mobile device from either Google Play or the App Store.