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Grading the New York Giants first day of NFL free agency

How do you think the Giants did?

Rhett Ellison
Rhett Ellison
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The New York Giants had a quiet first day in NFL free agency, having actually made their big splash before the official signing period began with the acquisition of wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

How do you think the Giants did? Since fans and analysts alike love to rush to judgment and try to grade moves as soon as they happen, let’s give you a chance to do that. Vote in the poll below and let us know how you would grade the Giants start to free agency.

To be fair to the Giants, I think you have to include the Marshall signing in your thinking when you vote. Here are other things to consider:

  • The signing of fullback/tight end Rhett Ellison.
  • The fact that the Giants were not able to compete for the top-tier offensive linemen.
  • The Giants did not get Jason Pierre-Paul to sign a long-term deal, which would have saved them some cap room.
  • It is now definite that the Giants will need a new placekicker.