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McAdoo: “Challenging” to find, develop a quarterback

Giants’ coach non-committal about this year’s QB draft class

Notre Dame v USC
DeShone Kizer
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Ever since general manager Jerry Reese opened Pandora’s Box by admitting that the New York Giants by admitting that the organization needed to begin looking for a successor to Eli Manning, fans and analysts have been wondering if the Giants would select a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Coach Ben McAdoo was asked during his NFL Scouting Combine press conference on Wednesday about the difficulty of finding a franchise quarterback.

“It’s like the rest of the positions, it’s a challenging position to develop first of all, but to find a guy that you can develop is probably even more challenging,” McAdoo said. “But it’s probably like the rest of the positions, I just think there’s a magnifying glass on it.”

McAdoo, who also said Wednesday that he had not yet spent that much time studying draft prospects, would not offer opinions about what draft analysts consider a weak crop of quarterbacks.

“Still too early for me. I’m not comfortable giving an assessment right now,” McAdoo said. “I’m just learning about these guys. I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and study the tape.”

What will he try to learn about them this week?

“I think this is a good week to really get them on the board a little bit, just to hear them talk about football in general, fundamentals, get a chance to take a look at their profile, their throwing motion, them dropping a little bit, winging it, see how they do with receivers they haven’t thrown to before, see if they can build chemistry as the workout goes on a little bit, see if they have a little bit of rhythm in their body. Having rhythm in your body’s important,” McAdoo said.

Quarterbacks will go through their on-field workout on Saturday.