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New York Giants news, 2/3: Victor Cruz still waiting, hoping

Cruz has not heard from Giants, more headlines

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
Victor Cruz
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Wide receiver Victor Cruz is waiting to hear something from the New York Giants, and continuing to hope his future is with them:

Cruz has not heard anything yet from the Giants, but is on record as stating he wants to finish his career in blue. Some of his former teammates — Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham — signed elsewhere, with limited success.

“I’ve been weighing that, and obviously throughout my tenure with the Giants there’s been guys that have left, left for greener pastures and it hasn’t been that way,’’ Cruz said. “That’s kind of been the Giants’ — I wouldn’t say curse — but kind of thing. Every guy that’s left the Giants hasn’t necessarily done tremendously well. I think about that, even though it might just be a mental thing and not something that’s true for everyone. It definitely weighs on my psyche a little bit.’’

Cruz, 30, caught 39 passes in 2016. He carries a $9.4 million cap hit in 2017 and an $8.4 million cap hit for 2018. The Giants almost certainly won’t pay him that much. The questions remains, though, will they renegotiate his contract or cut him?

More headlines

David Carr recalls silence was golden for Giants before Super Bowl XLVI | Newsday

“It was dead silent in the locker room two or three minutes before Tom [Coughlin] came and talked to us,” Carr, a backup quarterback for the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI and now an NFL Network analyst, said on Thursday. “It had never really been like that before. Not in a high school or college locker room. Guys were so locked in. I think they started to realize the gravity of the moment they were about to go be in, and that was a pretty cool experience. Never in my life have I been around 60 football players and it’s been quiet. That never happens. That moment was pretty neat.”

Falcons GM: Giants could be a Super Bowl contender next year | New York Post

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff views the Giants as strong contenders in the NFC.

Asked Thursday which teams he believes the Falcons will have to battle next season for conference supremacy, Dimitroff said: “I always think Seattle. I like what Jerry Reese has done there in New York. We all have to go through those recovery times, right? There’s been some rocky roads, and if you can pull through that, usually those organizations have a really good view of what was happening during those tough times.”

Ex-Giants kicker in Super Bowl after enduring kick that wasn’t | New York Post

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