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NFL Draft: Offensive tackle class not good news for Giants — Mayock

NFL Network analyst says “It’s not a good tackle class”

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Ryan Ramczyk
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Add Mike Mayock to the chorus of analysts who believe the 2017 NFL Draft class does not provide much good news for offensive tackle-needy teams like the New York Giants.

“It's not a good tackle class,” Mayock said. “It's one of the few groups that isn't really strong this year. I've got [Ryan] Ramczyk and [Garett] Bolles one and two. After those two kids -- and when I say that, I've got Cam Robinson as a guard. He could also play tackle, obviously. But I think there is a drop-off after Ramczyk and Bolles. In a typical year, 10 tackles go in the first three rounds, and I can't find 10 guys that I would give grades to their rounds one through three.”


Mayock did overstate the number of tackles taken early in recent drafts.

  • 2013 — Five tackles were taken in Round 1, eight overall were taken in the first three rounds
  • 2014 — Four tackles were selected in Round 1, eight overall were taken in the first three rounds
  • 2015 — Five were taken in Round 1, 10 total in the first three rounds
  • 2016 — Four were selected in Round 1, seven overall in the first three rounds

Regardless, Mayock’s assessment and the fact that there are no sure things among veteran offensive tackles available in free agency is not good news for the Giants.

“I think Ryan Ramczyk is the best tackle in the draft. To tell you where this draft is for tackles, the two top guys, Ramczyk and Garett Bolles from Utah are both one-year starters in major college football. Which is kind of amazing,” Mayock said. “If Ramczyk was in last year's draft, he would be the fourth or fifth guy taken. So just to give you some perspective there. So I think Ramczyk and Bolles are going to get pushed up a little bit, just because there is a drop off after them.

“There is a lot of depth in the interior offensive line ... But trying to get a starting tackle in this draft is going to be difficult.”